RE: Day 4 / Friday the 13th comes to a close

by , Jul 14, 2007 | 3:13 am

LAS VEGAS–By the way, one of the things I suspect they’ll rethink for next year … they got rid of the $1,000 bracelet events being held after the main event started. While a good idea not to cheapen the bracelets, it really has sent all the action to Bellagio … and has turned the Amazon Room into 3/4 of a ghost town at what is essentially the most exciting poker being played yet.

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  1. Anonymous Asshole

    I’ll validate that the Bellagio was PACKED solid on Tuesday. I waited about 30 minutes to get a seat on a 2/5 table. With the WSOP going on it high limit tables were packed solid too. I saw Mel Karmazin, Johnnie Chan, Men the Master, TJ Cloutier, etc. in my 4 hours of play while I was over there. The place was just nuts…..

    I got some good pics with Miami John and Scotty Nguyen at the ESPN table if you are interested. Someone told me Scotty was about 10th at that time in chips with some other idiot at the table making blow up animals while at the poker table. I shit you not, this guy was blowing balloons and shaping them WHILE at the table. Potential ESPN at hand?

    I was out there Sun-Wed of this week on vacation and had to go over to the Rio to observe the insanity known as the WSOP. I dropped $150 at the poker tables getting sucked out on by people chasing overcards while I bet the pot (flop and river) and both times it was at least $20 post-flop and $60 on the turn.

    At least I got a great base tan for the year. Victor Calderone was spinning music by the pool at the Palms on Sunday when I arrived. My ghostly white a.. stuck out like a sore thumb but I didn’t care 🙂 Great tunes that could be heard from standing in front of the RIO.

    AA out

  2. Willie

    Thanks for the updates Dan.

    Please keep track of Huck. I’ve been on friggin pins and needles the past two days now. He makes it past today with an average stack and it’s gonna be real interesting. One word, bitchin’. Two words, uber bitchin’.

  3. DanM

    Will do, Willie … I remember he’s your cousin. But just so you know … I am definitely rooting against him for the harm he did to my fantasy team by making me make a bad decision.

    As things stand now, Huck Seed has a lot of chips and skills and hair on his face. Looks to be winning.

  4. DanM

    Hey Willie K, your Huckleberry cuz is out.

    Huck Seed finished in 73rd place — good enough for 106k. Fantasy team is still in tact. Sorry if it became necessary for me to jinx him.