Robert Varkonyi Jerry Yang Wins!

by , Jul 18, 2007 | 5:47 am

LAS VEGAS–Tuan Lam moved all-in with AQ, got instacalled by 88.

Flop: 5-Q-9
Turn: 7
River: 6

19 Comments to “Robert Varkonyi Jerry Yang Wins!”

  1. Platinum Room

    That was the gayest victory celebration ever. Squeal like a little girl a little longer.

  2. Platinum Room

    The award for “Best On-Camera Comment” goes to:

    As Jerry Yang is trying on the bracelet, someone asks:

    “Is that gonna be for sale on eBay?”

  3. itsoverjonny

    Newsflash: God really gives a shit about who wins the WSOP.

    Jerry Yangs gives all the glory to his God. From now on, all of my suckouts will be credited to the will of God. If I win, it’s because God WANTS me to win, and you have no chance!

  4. itsoverjonny

    2nd Best On-Camera Comment:

    Norman Chad asks:

    “Is this possibly the most poker the Lord has watched over?”

  5. DanM

    And if the river hurts you, it’s because you are a sinner.

  6. itsoverjonny

    Exactly. If you DON’T win, it’s because God hates you. Sucks to be you.

  7. DanM

  8. DanM

  9. DanM

    By the way, in the post-win interview, Yang showed he has a funny-ish interview. Good personality. Considering the pending politics related to poker, I gotta think having a holy roller as a world champion might not be a bad thing.

  10. 85nutz

    He can be a holy roller and give all he wants to charity, I just hope he left a little for us dealers to fight over.

  11. DanM

    The dealer who dealt the knockout blow told me she was rooting for Yang because he was a generous tipper. Not sure how she would know this since he hasn’t played much before … but that was the hopeful buzz pre-flop.

  12. Uncle Ray

    So what’s the word on Yang’s fame time frame? The over/under is usually about 11 months.

    What are the chances he can last longer?

  13. donkey

    Very gracious and humble champion. You can tell he’s just a dad and a good person who wants to take care of his family and his community. I think because of his lack of communication skills, he comes across righteous and self-centered by saying “praying to MY God”, but don’t you wish every champion was like him? He cares more about the people around him than himself. He’s not your typical egotistical, look-at-me-don’t-u-know-who-I-am, or you-called-my-all-in-with-that poker player, just a good guy, all around.

  14. Clark K

    Well said, Donkey. I don’t see how anyone can rag on this guy. He’s a sincere, humble, gracious champion. And he frankly outplayed every one of his opponents at the final table.

  15. itsoverjonny

    I agree – I wasn’t ragging on him at all. The guy totally won me over within two minutes of the knockout – he is indeed very humble and gracious, and I’m optimistic that he will be a much better “ambassador” than Gold was. But part of me is a little sad because I don’t have a champion this year that I can “hate on”. But I’m also glad to see that he does indeed have a personality, because that was possibly the most lifeless final table ever. My inner-bigot expected better antics out of an all-Asian heads-up match. It’s going to take some brilliant editing by ESPN to make that episode even remotely entertaining.

  16. Ed

    all I can say is….Jamie who?


  17. DanM

    Yes, agreed … let’s love on him instead of hate on him. And really, from a purely cut-throat poker perspective, I have a hard time seeing an influx of (for)giving Asians into the game as anything but positive EV.

    Need to doublecheck with Sang, of course.

  18. donkey

    I’m just glad that Russian Spudnick didn’t win…reminds you of Ivar in Rocky, “I cannot be beaten, I have to win 5 bracelets if I decide to play over here” Then we have to hear how Russian players are better than Americans all freaking year.

  19. DanM

    Oh, c’mon donkey, he woulda been a bad-ass. And then it woulda fallen on Doyle Brunson to save poker for all of America. And if Doyle couldn’t do it, it would be on his son, Todd But not everyone likes Todd … but fortunately there is another Jedi in the wings in his daughter Anjela …

    OK, maybe getting carried away with the potential storylines.