Trophy Blogging

by , Aug 14, 2007 | 12:07 pm

Bluff Magazine is holding its annual Reader’s Choice awards … and Pokerati has been nominated as a candidate for Best Poker Blog. Bitchin’, no? It’s nice to know all our hard work has paid off. I’d like to thank the Academy, and Pokerati’s other contributors … because really, to receive this high-level industry acclaim, I could only suck on so many pee-pees myself, ya know?

Be sure to vote. I’d say vote often, but doing so more than once will allegedly disqualify you. So all I can say that is if you don’t vote for Pokerati, don’t waste your time we’ll block your IP address.

The other contenders who may or may not clearly don’t deserve your consideration include:

ThePokerBiz (which is how I found out about these awards)
Ship It Holla Ballas
Daniel Negreanu
Bodog Beat
Wicked Chops Poker
Rizen Poker
Brian Townsend (aka sbrugby)

ALT HED: Where’s Pauly?

10 Comments to “Trophy Blogging”

  1. Fawcett

    Just voted for you for blogger and favorite pro…you are a pro now right?

  2. Ed

    Something else is missing from the “Best Poker Podcast” section.


  3. Jen

    I’m a voter.

    (When are the results announced?)

  4. Drizztdj

    ShipItHolla over Pauly?


  5. DanM

    Pauly was relly busy during the World Series this year. He must not have had time to suck the pee-pees? Either that or he’s just not a good/prolific writer.

    Either way, had he been nominated, I was planning to Nancy Kerrigan his ass to increase Team Pokerati’s chances of winning.

  6. Fawcett

    So are you saying you did have time to suck pee-pees and thus were nominated???

  7. dan m

    thats pretty much how these things work, no? Fawcett, why do you have to bring us down a level?

  8. Michele Lewis

    Y’all (yes, I said y’all) are so bad.

  9. DanM

    Um, I think if you ask Bluff magazine, we’re pretty good.

  10. michele lewis

    Bluff says “Look for the results in Bluff Magazine” so I’m assuming November or December.