The Ladies Love Tom

by , Aug 30, 2007 | 11:57 am

How could they not? But still … with Tom holding the chip lead at the final table of the WPT Legends tourney … this seems as good a time as any to pimp out some recent interviews with Tom Schneider and stories about him. One comes from our very own Fresh Princess (Michele loves that name about as much as Tom loves “Donkey Bomber”) and the other from our new-good-friend California Jen.

Good stuff, ladies. Your work also provides me a perfect excuse to rerun a photo of Tom dressing to win. Wanna know a secret? He’s always wearing that goofy “Oops! I Won Too Much Money” hat not to conceal his baldness, but to cover up his good-luck tiara.

UPDATE: BJ Nemeth also seems pretty fond of Tom. In addition to giving credit to me and Karridy for all of Tom’s success, he says:

Tom Schneider is probably the hottest player in the poker world right now.


If Schneider was on fire before this tournament, he’s about to go nuclear.

2 Comments to “The Ladies Love Tom”

  1. Jen

    Thanks for the pimpage, Dan!

    If I may pimp myself (and Tom) for another moment, I have a feature article about Tom in the current issue of Poker Pro Magazine. What can I say except he gives good interview.

  2. Michele Lewis

    I just hope Julie gets some more jewerly! However, she certainly can’t say she’s “got nothing.”