Who’s Who In and Around the Red River Roundup

by , Aug 25, 2007 | 10:47 pm


Hand-for-hand play at the bubble to see who will compete for the big money on Sunday at the WinStar Casino’s signature annual event.

THACKERVILLE, Okla.–Below is the list of Day 1-Day 1 Day 2 qualifiers. Names of those who advanced yesterday aren’t yet available, nor is any info on the 41 39 remaining players today. But hey, no sweat … after all, the entire prize pool for this $1 million tourney was just $50k two years ago … so a lot of this is new to the people running the show here, and I gotta say, speaking as a tournament directorial wonk guy who likes to tell people they are doing things wrong, they seem to be doing a really good job. They may not have figured out whether or not they’re gonna let media take pictures — seriously, dudes, it’s cool … players like it … just be sure to remind us “no flash” — but they’ve for the most part got a smooth-running show going on here, with a player-friendly blind structure to boot. Priorities, right?

(Meanwhile, while the lone person sitting at an unwatched table littered with stray media/player/staff badges, I am getting a lot of curious looks, along with some friendly “hello’s” from WinStar employees moving in a bit closer to size me up. Like why on earth would someone be typing so vigorously at a poker tournament!?! Is that a computer?)

We’ll see if we can’t have a list of the entire field of those who have made the money and are fighting for the $230k first prize up before cards go in the air tomorrow. In the meantime, we know that these 33 people will be there:

Adrian Garuno
Allen Striegler
Arnold Block
Billy Dodson
Charles Stubblefield
Dale Ezzell
Dale McFarland
David Martin
Davis King
Dwayne Woodcock
Earl Bryant
Eddie McKinsey
Gene Carder
Gene Dockery
Jace Margraf
Jaime De la Vega
Jason Perry
Jeremy Wallish
Josh Evans
John Larson
Joseph Southhorn
Joseph Wonderlick
Kendall Copp
Kirk Flom
Larry Hampton
Royce Davis
Stephen Goodrich
Stuart Hosen
TJ Cloutier
Tracy Hibert
Troy Phillips
Vikram Vijay
Wesley Marr

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