Chip Nicknames

by , Sep 8, 2007 | 6:24 pm

Itsoverjonny’s comment on the post below has me thinkin’bout nicknames for chips used in cash-game poker and as casino currency. I know they exist, and know most a few three of them, but not all. Perhaps some of you who have played more regularly with the different denominations can help me fill in the blanks? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

$1 –
$2 –
$3 –
$5 – Redbirds
$10 –
$20 –
$25 – Greenbirds
$100 – Blackbirds
$500 –
$1,000 –
$5,000 – Flags
$10,000 –
$25,000 – Cranberries / Pancakes
$100,000 –

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  1. Ken

    I’ve heard “greenbirds” for $25, and “blackbirds” for $100.

  2. Jen

    For anyone who knows the color of a $100,000 chip and has actually cashed one of those puppies in, I don’t know what I’d call the chip, but I’d call you my friend. 🙂

  3. DanM

    I’m actually not so sure the $100k chips exist. I mean surely they do somewhere, right? But I’ve never seen one. $25k chips … that’s a whole’nother story. I mean who hasn’t seen those, right?

  4. itsoverjonny

    The Flags and Cranberries nicknames are specific to Bellagio because of the colors. Other casinos use different colors for their higher-denomination chips. For instance, the $5,000 chips at Caesar’s are dark brown and are called “Chocolates”. Other casinos use various flavors of Gray for their $5k chips.

  5. DanM

    I should probably seek confirmation before adding names to the official list …

    A plausibly deranged doctor called in to tell me that $1,000 chips were called “Ho-makers” — because “whether you’re looking for someone to blow you or do your laundry” they pretty much do the trick. But upon further conversation he acknowledged that he made it up himself and didn’t want credit for coining the term.

    Dude, I like it! totally offensive.

  6. DanM

    ***The Flags and Cranberries nicknames are specific to Bellagio because of the colors.***

    Kinda interesting that Bellagio chips are treated more like genuine currency than probably any other casino’s.

    I’ve heard “flags,” however, used at the Rio when someone in line for a main event buy-in asked his buddy to “toss me a couple flags, will ya?” I guess technically they coulda been Bellagio chips — didn’t see — but even if that’s where the term started, it seems to have spread.

    “Pancakes” probably has something to do with the fact that they are bigger than regular casino chips.

  7. Jimmy

    I noticed a sign just inside the Venetian indicating it was a crime to use casino chips for any purpose besides wagering inside the casino. So I guess technically paying a debt in casino chips is illegal. Not that it is really enforceable of course…

  8. Ed

    I say we call the 100k chips “Wish I Had A Bunch Of Thems”

  9. Scott Chaffin

    $1 = tips for the cocktail gal

    One book I read called some casino’s $1000 (or was it $5000?) chips ‘bumblebees’ because of the yellow/black stripes. Needless to say, I’ve never seen yet to see one.

  10. Pat Poels

    The $10 chips at Casino Arizona are brown. We affectionately refer to them as Turds. What else do you expect out of the posse?

  11. DanM

    You guys play with $10 chips? Ha … smalltimers.

  12. DanM

    By the way, Jimmy … check out this story about Nolan Dalla getting a $5,000 chip confiscated at the MGM, because he didn’t obtain it from one of their tables.

    Apparently this is a rule, not a law … unless Nevada law on the exchange of casino chips has changed since 2005.

  13. Alicia

    i know the 5k’s at the Wynn are also called Chocolates. Boy, I just added a ton to this discussion…

  14. AKQJ10

    $1000 oversize orange chips are often called pumpkins. I’ve heard this at Foxwoods, and also in post #20 here.

  15. DanM

    I work in the industry, and these are the ones I know

    $5 -nickle
    $25- quarter
    $500- Barney (purple)
    $1000- banana, 000 “o’s”,bees (Yellow)
    $5000- chocolate (brown) or flags (Red white and blue)
    $25000- Pumpkin (orange, and are about the size of one too…)

  16. Robbie

    Just FYI, $100,000 chips DO exist, at least at Bellagio. They are grey with red stripes, and they have both baccarat and regular size. They only referred to them as a “grey” and it was clear that most of the dealers had never seen or heard of them. I had one and took it to a craps table for change, and the floor man said to his supervisor “uh…this looks fake. Do we even have $10,000 chips?” He actually missed a zero.

    I colored up to one, at the cage, after a monster run at blackjack. I told them I didn’t want to cash in or put my chips on deposit yet, but I didn’t want to walk around with two stacks of flags either. They had to get shift manager approval just to give me a “grey”.

    Also, at least at Bellagio, the more common nickname for the $25K is “Melon”. That’s what most dealers that have been there a while refer to them as. That’s because they are colored like the inside of a watermelon.

  17. sw

    They have 100,000 chips at the Hilton in vegas. Not like the movie with Robert Redford where they used gold coins at roulette. I was at the high roller bacarret pit, and they are HUGE white something i forgot. They were in the middle of the dealer stack, next to the red which I know was 20,000 because someone cashed one in. Unless there is a 50,000 chip.

  18. sw

    25,000 i mean not 20,000

  19. Nadhu


  20. Discochip

    I started playing Texas hold “em down at the Meadows near Pittsburgh and tryna be Mr. Big Time Gambler as I was cashing out I said “gimme some Chocolates” thinking that’s what the Cool Gambler Dudes call the $25 chips and everyone at the table including the dealer looked at me like I just called a female relative of theirs a whore. “Chocolates!?” they all exclaimed, with the dealer stopping in mid shuffle and everyone staring at me. It was then I noticed the $25 chips were green. Or maybe I was thinking the $50 chips were black/brown? I don’t recall. Anyhoozle I looked like an idiot. And I had never heard the term “color me up” is supposed to be what you say when yer leaving the table. I don’t even see “Chocolates” listed up top. So, back to Google to find out what the heck they are.