“I may or may not be the greatest!”

by , Sep 12, 2007 | 7:34 am


Will we ever see an undisputed heavyweight high-stakes live-action champion of the world?

Who’s the best tournament player in the world? That’s hard to say. For a long time, the CardPlayer Player of the Year has been the standard — it’s the ranking that mattered enough for Phil Ivey to reportedly bet his friends $10 million that he would win it in 2006. (He came up short.)

But they are not the only ones out there trying to put the pros (and semi-pros) in their place statistically. All have different, debatable methods for assigning points. And it’s not like anyone says about Chad Brown, “Yeah, he’s OK, but he was only the 2006 Bluff Player of the Year” … So I am curious, Pokeratizens, which one means the most to you? I’ll have a new unscientific poll up shortly after posting this in search of the answer.

Below are the current Top 10 according to each of the key evaluators, along with ranked Pokerati contributors, Phil Ivey, and the current Wong on my fantasy team* for good measure:


1. David Pham
2. Bill Edler
3. J.C. Tran
4. Tom Schneider
5. Jonathan Little
6. Jared Hamby
7. James Van Alstyne
8. Scott Clements
9. Ted Lawson
10. Robert Mizrachi
11. Danny Wong
90. Phil Ivey
2656. Robert Goldfarb

Bluff / ESPN

1. Bill Edler
2. Kirk Morrison
3. Ted Lawson
4. David Pham
5. Nam Le
6. JC Tran
7. Robert Mizrachi
8. Danny Wong
9. Chau Giang
10. Paul Wasicka
27. Phil Ivey
378. Tom Schneider
1939. Robert Goldfarb


1. J.C. Tran
2. Bill Edler
3. David Pham
4. Jonathan Little
5. Jared Hamby
6. Eric Hershler
7. Randy Holland
8. Paul Wasicka
9. Michael Mizrachi
10. Juan Carlos Mortensen
18. Danny Wong
46. Tom Schneider
78. Phil Ivey
906. Robert Goldfarb
6990. Michele Lewis

*Batface Fantasy Poker relies on the CardPlayer Player of the Year standings. While it is arguable whether or not they’ve got the best point system, clearly have the best display of relevant information about Player of the Year contenders on their website.

(See, we don’t always hate on CardPlayer … just most of the time.)

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