BTT: Monkey Business

by , Oct 10, 2007 | 5:49 am

The listeners have spoken, and it’s official:

16 percent of all poker podcast fans prefer Beyond the Table!*


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Extra-fun times this week:

  • A show about nothing and where Tom puts his fingers.
  • Sal the old man loads up his iPod.
  • Dan on “What’s Goin’ On?” in the poker world — EPT London, Jose Canseco, and Absolute super-users.
  • The BTT gang ventures back to the online felt.
  • Monkey noises with Fake Hevad Khan; Fake Humberto Brenes loves Beyond the Table; and Tom goes hip-hop — calls for death in the name of etiquette.
  • Karridy calls for more dead presidents on TV, fewer Full Tilt pros.
  • No seat for Karridy in a big-little $5/$10 game.
  • Bonus monkey noises from Tom.

* Poker podcast poll results

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