Oops! I almost forgot Tom was good at poker

by , Oct 25, 2007 | 7:53 pm

Garth Brooks was once described as looking like “a thumb wearing a cowboy hat.” Here Tom can be seen trying to establish himself as the Garth Brooks of Poker.

The latest post about Donkey Bomber’s troubles on the Iberian Peninsula reminded me … he was also on the cover of CardPlayer magazine recently. Perhaps this honor is a curse? Three covers ago, CP featured Brian Townsend — and inside was an interview where he explained how one can go from a small-stakes online player to a monster buy-in new-guy on High Stakes Poker. Of course, at the same time, Townsend, known as SBRugby in the online world, was chronicling on his own blog how he had been in the midst of a multimillion-dollar downswing and was considering giving up poker altogether. Oops!

Click here to read the really good interview with Tom. My favorite line from the first Pokerati blogger ever to grace these pages:

Over time, the one thing I learned is that I’m going to surround myself only with people who make me feel good. It’s amazing if you do that how much more successful you can be in everything.

One Comment to “Oops! I almost forgot Tom was good at poker”

  1. Short-Stacked Shamus

    Great interview. Sorry to see ’em screw up the book title (Oops!). At least they spelled Askeskananskedy correctly.