Breaking News: Fresh Princess Is Attractive!

by , Nov 17, 2007 | 6:35 am


Michele Lewis, seen here wearing the uniforms we had picked out for Pokerati correspondents at the next WSOP.

It’s confirmed … Michele Lewis has been labeled a “poker babe.” Or more specifically, a “babe in poker.” Congrats! We always knew you could do it, Michele!

Of course the bad side of this is that such an accolade ups her value, and thus contract negotiations to indenture her servitude to Pokerati have gone south. She will not be abandoning her solo poker-blogging career, nor will Pokerati be syndicating her Mom Blog. Her non-poker writings, by the way, are really really good — dare I say even better than her poker writings? — sure to be enjoyed by people with children, regardless of how many times they have cashed. Seriously, I mean that … she should have a column somewhere. When was the last time you read a frazzled parent* saying stuff like:

Everyone has some kind of problem with their child […] So cut yourself some slack (unless you beat your child with wire hangers) because you made it to adulthood without a car seat, baby gate, drugs (at least a few of you) while sleeping on your stomach.

As to her future with Pokerati, she swears she has not prematurely fully left the band. Because did Steve Perry ever really leave Journey? Could Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith ever not be part of Iron Maiden? Exactly. Anyhow, glad to see Michele get some booty props to go along with her skillful brain-work. And while wishing her the best and supporting all her endeavors — poker and otherwise — we’d be lying if we didn’t acknowledge that we’d generally like to see a little more of her around these parts.

5 Comments to “Breaking News: Fresh Princess Is Attractive!”

  1. Michele Lewis

    Ah, what a sweet post Danimal! Thank you for the kudos on my writing.
    As for the babe award…thanks for that too. It was a lot of hard work to get that. There were many days of throwing up food and/or starving myself.
    I never realized starvation made one so bitchy! That explains some things in the world.
    Add some make-up and hooker clothes and there you go!

  2. DanM

    I musta been drunk when I wrote this. I still plan to sue for the MySpace debacle.

    Go Hooker Clothes!

  3. Michele Lewis


  4. Ed

    weee new desktop. only wish i had a larger version. oh well…i can always tile it! 🙂

  5. michele lewis

    you’re killing me!