BTT: The Fall of Danang

by , Nov 18, 2007 | 11:23 pm

Via our friend, Short-Stacked Shamus:…

Have had a significant increase in email messages turning up in the ol’ inbox here lately. To what should I attribute my sudden surge in popularity? I think the answer is obvious. My occasional postings over here at Beyond the Table have no doubt spread my fame to places I had never even imagined possible.

I mean I am getting email messages from people I don’t even know, if you can believe that. Just this week I’ve gotten several offers to “find ways to save on [my] meds,” to “eat want [I] want and still lose those terrible pounds,” to “cure premature ejaculation (not just stop it!),” to “give [my] partner the loving she deserves,” to “experience for [my]self the excitement of winning real money online,” and to “become completely happy with the way [my] breasts look.”

Somewhere in there I also received a note from Karridy saying something about a new show, titled “The Fall of Danang.” No special offers, though. Which is fine, as I have plenty of those to deal with at the moment . . . .

Check out this week’s show. And ride the BTT hosts’ coattails along with me by emailing them at theshow(at)beyondthetable(dot)com and/or calling the listener line: (888) 820-8091.

There’s even more wit where that came from, over at Hard-Boiled Poker. Thanks, Shama-lama-ding-dong.

3 Comments to “BTT: The Fall of Danang”

  1. Ed

    Almost the best show ever. Good job guys.

  2. DanM

    Ed, which one do you think is the best-best? And dude, are you saying you have no love for your fellow programming-bitchwiz, Karridy?

  3. Ed

    This one would have been the best until about 22:45. Then it just got silly…like usual. I have heard so many I could not tell you which one I like the most. May have been the actual poker content that kept my interest. 🙂