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by , Jan 7, 2008 | 12:35 pm

In this week’s episode:

New year… New music… New Graphics…
…and the same ol’ host, J. Todd. To celebrate the start of 2008 he makes a resolution to clean-up his potty mouth. Then, he tries to give away some cash! Watch and win with this weeks show!

Hollywood the Latest Victim of UIGEA?…
When the WTO gave Antigua the rights to profit $21 million a year at the expense of American intellectual property rights, a collective chill could be felt sweeping over Silicone Valley and the Hollywood Hills. There are some out there who believe that — if Hollywood suffers — they are getting just what they deserve!

What are those damned Germans up to Now?!
Last week we told you that Germany has decided to ban internet gambling as of January 1st, 2008. In a no shame attempt to protect their state monopoly, they don’t seem to care what the EU Court of Justice thinks. Now, they may have issues mounting from within, as several online gaming companies may be teaming up to go after them civilly. Where the hell where these guys and the will to fight when UIGEA rolled out?

Last chance to help J. Todd!
This is it! We’re down to the wire! J. Todd has been nominated by the Casino Affiliate Programs for “Best Overall Affiliate” for 2007. And the voting is almost over! J. Todd has faithfully brought you Perspectives Weekly for over a year now, and never missed a week for vacation or sickness, and now all he asks of you is your vote! Click to visit the CAP Awards page, then scroll to the very bottom where it says “Best Overall Affiliate” and vote for “Integrity”… that’s the handle J.Todd uses over there!

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