Pokerati Restaurant Review: Sherwood Forest Cafe

by , Jan 24, 2008 | 12:19 am

One of the things I’ve started keeping track of with the poker bankroll is food. Just curious if I notice any trends on how I do related to what I’ve eaten, when I’ve eaten, how much I’ve eaten, etc. So far there is no apparent consistency … beyond that I either win or lose within 24 hours of eating … but I have been getting to sample a handful of Vegas restaurants, and thought that might be of interest to other poker players who, you know, gotta eat, too.

Yesterday I went to the ever-luxurious Sherwood Forest Cafe at Excalibur …

This is a 24/7 venue that has a pretty good reputation for its full menu available at all hours — whether you’re looking for greasy-eggs breakfasts, thick sandwiches, steaks, salmons … you name it … and it happens to be a few steps away from the Excalibur poker room, a past-its-prime little-game venue that still has plenty of low-stakes tourist action.

I could tell something must’ve been off on the day I visited — when the waitress tried to take my order even though I hadn’t been given a menu yet. My soup — baked-potato-cheddar — was rather tasty, until I found a hair in it. And even then it was still pretty good. They never brought me water, and my iced tea was left empty … for a good five minutes after my lasagna arrived without the breadsticks that were supposed to come with it. But the lasagna was still pretty damn good (just a notch below Antonio’s at the Rio). Service may have been weak, but the high-volume, angry screaming I could hear coming from back in the kitchen made for good entertainment. Woulda been even better were it 3:30 am, I am sure.

Sherwood Forest Cafe
at Excalibur


Pokerati Ratings
Food: 8-8
Atmosphere: A-6 offsuit
Price: $1/$3 NL
Service: J-4 offsuit

18 Comments to “Pokerati Restaurant Review: Sherwood Forest Cafe”

  1. Lisa

    I think the word “salmon” covers both the singular and plural. Unless salmons is code for something that I would only know if I lived in Vegas.

  2. Lisa

    Wait a second. Are you drunk-typing Dan? You hear with your ears and are here, or there. Grrrr.

  3. DanM

    Tilt-typing maybe. I got that “leavin’ feelin'” when I played a five-way limped pot that was checked all the way down to the river, and was one of three players who mucked my cards upon two other guys turning theirs over … only to realize that it woulda been a five-way chop because no one beat the board.

    Was up about $200 upon losing that $2 … and would finish the night down $400. Expensive lasagna.

    So Lisa, if you want the copy-editor job it theoretically could be yours. Are you just holding out for more money?

  4. DanM

    BTW, I think salmon(s) works as a plural in the above context, because I am referring to multiple salmon varieties.

  5. Ed

    Salmonese? Salmi? I never was no good at English.

  6. DanM

    Thank you, Ed. We will keep your resume on file.

  7. Ed

    Did you notice the past employment section? Fluffer was my specialty. Do you have need for one of those. I can fluff pillows like no one else.

  8. DanM

    Thank you, Ed. We’ll keep your resume on file.

  9. 85nutz

    I’m trying to piece this together, did you lose $400 at a low stakes tourist game at the excaliber after eating salmon flavored lasagna? Maybe next time you should go straight for the dessert, you might try cheese (double meaning here in case you missed it).

  10. DanM

    you think taking black-tar heroin mixed with Tylenol PM tablets would help my game?

  11. Fawcett

    Yes Dan I do…also, did Ed just offer to be Dan’s fluffer?

  12. tbonezz111

    I actually think that dining at Del Frisco’s would be your best bet **hint hint**

  13. 85nutz

    Dan, while i do not condone the use of any illegal performance enhancing drugs in any sport, it sounds like you need to do something if your struggling at the Excaliber. I’m also not to sure about hiring a fluffer, it sounds like your already to loose at the table.

  14. IttyBittyWussy

    I can’t comprehend how you are able to stay out ’til 3 a.m. on a weeknight, now that you have a real job as a serious journalist.

  15. FlacoJake a.k.a. Flaming Jake

    I do think we should cut Dan some slack. I don’t think any of us realize how much he sacrificed to inform us of the differant eating spots in LV. I mean he had to stay up till 3am and he had to kill time at the tourist table just to give us a review on the sherwood food. Dan, I would be willing to send you 2 big and 1 small blinds for the 1/2 tourist table to help recoup your loss. That is the least I could do for such information. Although I have eaten at sherwood and in my book it was 9-9 suited.
    ps thanks for the pointers!

  16. DanM

    TBonezz, I went to Del Frisco’s and said “T-Bonezz the commenter sent me” … but when the hostess learned I wasn’t referring to Wicked Chops, she sent me away.

  17. Gentle Shane

    This might be the most entertaining, yet generally depressing post I’ve ever read on Pokerati. What’s next, Dan? An in-depth expose on the Keno game at the Four Queen’s?

  18. DanM

    Shane, please stop giving away all of Pokerati’s secrets.