Karridy + Charity = Rarity / Hilarity

by , Feb 4, 2008 | 6:42 am


DALLAS–The charity tourney for Bea’s Kids was Saturday night, and none other than your second-favorite host of Beyond the Table won it! No, I’m not talking about Tom … In a field of 80-someodd players — most of whom had little or no experience — Karridy took down first prize, winning a 52-inch HDTV for his efforts and charitable donation(s). Nice!

karridy 2

Karridy Askenasy, counting out his chips two at a time before making a call and sucking out on the river (four outer?) to win the 2nd Annual Bea’s Kid’s Texas Hold’em Tournament.

His victory was extra impressive not just because at one point he was the chip leader at the final table with an M=4, but also because he played taking a note from Gentle Shane and acted the whole time as if this were his very first time playing poker. “For a second there I thought that was Jamie Gold,” said one of his more knowledgeable competitors.

Even if Karridy hadn’t won it — along with my $20 in our lasts-longest bet — this was still a great event. Kudos to tourney organizers for kicking it old-school and insisting on giving non-raffle prizes to the winners, and to Eddie Deen’s for not letting legally questionable threats from anti-poker forces get in the way of raising money for a good cause.


19 Comments to “Karridy + Charity = Rarity / Hilarity”

  1. California Jen

    Congrats, Karridy!

  2. Karridy

    Thanks! And thank you, Dan, for the $20. …And the post.

  3. Karridy

    And a special thanks to Sang for his work on the Soundtrack. Had fun guys!

  4. Bundas

    Congrats, Karridy!

    But I have to ask whats with the outfit?

  5. donkey

    I’m impressed.

  6. G Squared

    Congratulations, Karridy!

    It was a pleasure playing you, though it wasn’t a pleasure having your A-8 suited deplete a huge chunk of my chipstack when it beat my pocket 6’s when the board paired K’s and Q’s, giving you top kicker.

    I knew that even though you were playing the role of a newbie, you knew what you were doing. Kudos to you for confessing I read you right after you won.

  7. Short-Stacked Shamus

    Congrats, man! Hope you got that sucker set up in time for the SB. Or least by late 4th quarter.

  8. Karridy

    Thanks, All.

    G Squared, Yah… That was a rough one, No doubt. The turn was really bad for you, giving me 3 more outs (11 total). That was the toughest call of the night for me, and obviously the one that changed things.

    You played excellent while I was at your table, making me pretty sure that we’d mix it up again later. Good showing and hope to run into you again.

  9. DanM

    G-Squared, likewise, it’s always nice to meet a Pokerati reader and see you get it in with the best of it. That river card really was the turning point for Karridy. It’s THE HAND that I best remember from the night. Or maybe second best. There was a hand where I made a value bet with second pair on the river — knowing I was ahead and hoping to get a call from a lower pair. The guy did call me … with 7-high.


  10. DanM

    And the outfit, Karridy?

  11. DanM

    On a technical note … is anyone else having problems getting the song to play all the way through? I am, but am not sure if it’s my internet connection or a problem with the player. As you probably know, we are tinkering under the hood here at Pokerati, so any feedback would be appreciated.

    (And Ed, wherever you are, is the site loading faster for you?)

  12. Bundas

    DanM Says:
    February 4th, 2008 at 9:32 pm
    And the outfit, Karridy?

    Dan thats what I’m saying.. looks like he is dressed like the charity cases here in Vegas right out side the downtown casino’s. Im gonna check the park down there and see if Karridy is staying down there!

  13. Ed

    Dan, I have noticed an improvement in speed. Up time too. Looks like the site has been up everytime I tried to visit it lately. 😛

  14. FUBU

    why didnt i know about this tourny? i would have given karridy a run for hos money in suck outs!

  15. Karridy

    Bundas,… That costume was for my “character” 😉

  16. Bundas

    Well in that case why didn’t you were your fav outfit

    it fits your “character” better!


  17. DanM

    Obviously someone hasn’t been reading their Pokerati. Shame on you, Fubu. Consider this your warning.

    P.S. How’d it go in Oklahoma for you this weekend?

  18. Robert Goldfarb

    Nice work, K-dawg!! Congrats.

  19. FUBU

    well, this is a short synopsis of my up and down life. sat- 4 way chop in 50.00 tourny
    180.00 each, bought in cash game, cashed out +415.00. went to choctaw for super sunday
    12 hours in for 400.00 +/- 100.00 all day. could not hit a high hand, bad beat, no win in cash give away had 50 entries, 1 drawn every 1/2 hr, TABLE GOT SPLASED TWICE FOR 200.00 nothing, 6 river beats. eventually lost it all and my patriots got beat. PRICELESS!