Poker in Pink

by , May 7, 2008 | 2:54 am

Wow, don’t know what to make of this press release … but the Silverton Casino in Las Vegas has such a cute little tourney for ladies who like things that are pretty!

Silverton Casino Lodge Invites
Las Vegas’ Lovely Ladies To A Pink Poker Night

Silverton Casino Lodge hosts two Pink Poker Nights for women looking to enjoy all the fun of Texas Hold’Em poker in a friendly and fun environment, 6 p.m., Wednesday, May 7 and 14.

Hosted around special pink felt tables, Silverton Casino Lodge’s Pink Poker Nights feature an assortment of pink decorations, pink poker chips and complimentary cocktails provided by PINK Vodka. Included with the price of a buy-in is a free poker lesson, a designated number of playing chips, one specialty cocktail and one goodie bag. Following a poker lesson and warm-up round, ladies compete for chips in a live poker game.

Entry fee is $20 for May 7. Tournament buy-in on May 14 will be $30. For more information or to register, please visit

Who knew such events still existed … tiny stakes, beginner poker, pink, ladies, and free vodka? Speaking strictly in poker terms, I want to make a joke about this game being prime for the raping, but am so afraid to … still, I know if I were allowed to play I could win this bitch!

8 Comments to “Poker in Pink”

  1. Uncle Ray

    In keeping with the theme, I’d love to see the pink outfit you’d wear…No, on second thought, I wouldn’t.

    And, careful with the bold predictions. Go watch tonight’s tourney and report on it and THEN tell us you could win it.

  2. California Jen

    One word – insulting. (Not you, Dan, the pinkness.)

  3. DanZ

    I think GLAAD should totally invade that event. That would send them into a tizzy, and probably make them reconsider the focus of their tournament.

    And honestly, why not? If there are women’s tournament’s, why not gay tournaments? It seems about as arbitrary a designation for a tournament guideline as a women’s tournament.

  4. Lisa

    I’ll go with insulting as well. Who says all women like pink?

  5. DanM

    Re: #4 … true enough, Lisa, but that’s the same debate that has gone on for nearly a decade related to ladies-only events. And ultimately, even though they may insult a few, people decide overall it’s a good thing if it brings newbies into the game.

    Re: #3 … i wonder who would be the celebrity pros at that event.

  6. DanM

    but let’s not forget the free vodka they are giving these ladies! sure, you can get free drinks at any casino table … but poker players often forget that there are options other than red bull.

  7. 85nutz

    Hmmmmmm… women, poker, and free vodka… I wonder if any of these ladies will be looking for ‘private’ lessons afterwards

  8. DanZ

    Certainly someone should be able to get Andy Dick away from a large pile of cocaine long enough to play some cards. Pink power, or something.