Sounds of the WSOP

by , May 30, 2008 | 10:31 pm

Shortly before the break, Minh Ly walked past the press box …

Minh Ly (to the four of us up here): Hao ma.
Gary Wise: Blah blah blah, Ming?
Minh (still walking): Popa wow me wa.
Gary: Hep now hoo check?
Minh (shrugs): [unintelligible]
Dan (mocking): Moo wa fo ti.
Minh (almost out the door): Ya.
Gary: Did you guys understand any of that?
Pauly: Yeah, he said pocket queens beat by 3-7 offsuit.
Dan and Gary: Really?
Pauly: Really.

One Comment to “Sounds of the WSOP”

  1. Lisa

    I love how you editorialize yourself and let us know that you were mocking when you said “moo wa fo ti”. I mean, we could have possibly thought that you studied Asian languages in your spare time.

    And serious props to Pauly for understanding that. Seriously.