$10k Mixed Event World Championship, etc.

by , Jun 5, 2008 | 4:09 pm

We’re ready to roll here for a good day of poker. It occurs to me that the hours are kinda funny, because as the WSOP day gets started here in the pacific time zone, you folks in NYC and DFW are just about calling it a day. But don’t worry, you can still read Pokerati, Tao of Poker, Wicked Chops, and Las Vegas Vegas from home and/or mobile device, assuming you don’t have poker-related sites firewalled to protect the children. Oh, and Pokernews, if you want to follow chip counts from a site whose employees refer to their big bosses as “the Lithuanian Mafia.” Speaking of … just saw Tony G for the first time this Series. Waved to him as he walked by media row … and he waved back, looking very confused. You might also want to check out Cardplayer.com … apparently they have figured out how to work pretty well within the crappy play-by-play update limitations that they created way back when.

As you probably know, Tom is the chip leader going into Day 2 of the $10,000 Mixed Event World Championship. Wow, nice job tom. Good to have you back — I didn’t get it up in time, but I had a post working … according to my notes:

Tom, stop fucking around and get your shit together. Energy up!

When I had last spoken to him, he wasn’t even going to play this event — he was more interested in trying to repeat in the $2,500 7-Stud/O-8 event, which he won last year and started today. I liked that plan, as he’s been having a pretty bad Series from the gitty — doing nothing of note in any events he’s bought into and getting his butt kicked in the cash games. Julie, Karridy, and I were discussing possible new nicknames: It was a toss-up between Donkey Grizzle and Eskimo Schneider.

More TK, of course … and be sure to keep an eye on the ticker above if you want to peak in on the text updates Tom sends his friends and family, as well as mystery updates not from me, but a random friend to whom I might loan my phone to while he sits at the rail (in theory). You can also follow along the texting trail here.

Day 2 is underway … and being the chip leader now means jack shit if you don’t get it up and keep it up! Just ask Angry Julie!

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