All In is All Over the WSOP

Get Them Because You Have No Choice

by , Jun 30, 2008 | 7:35 pm

Methinks it is out of control.

It is a given that Harrah’s is always open for sponsors to buy their way into some Rio Convention Center space and a spot on the ESPN stage. That is the nature of business and the corporate world. Therefore, the 2008 WSOP has sponsors/partners like CardRunners, Bluff, and PokerNews, which are obvious choices. Everest Poker squeaked in there to get its name on every table felt and around the inner ring of the ESPN final table. There are even others like Hertz rental cars, Planters nuts, and Gamma-O testosterone booster. *chuckle*

The booth for All In Energy Drinks was not a surprise, and their push to sell their drinks in exchange for a “freeroll” tournament was nothing out of the ordinary, though questionable in its possibility for financial success. But a few weeks into the WSOP, the cocktail servers inside the tournament area began donning red All In shirts. And they were serving All In bottled water and energy drinks. Wonder how much it cost to take over the servers?

And the final table of the $50K HORSE surprised even me. At first, those final table players – competing center stage for a couple mil – were told that they couldn’t have anything but All In drinks during play because they were on camera. Huh? At the obvious protest of Scotty Nguyen, who wanted/needed his Michelob bottles, the staff finally agreed to bring him his drink of choice but to plaster tape around the labels so it looked like some generic, unlabeled brand. Really? Of course, I understand sponsorships, but it seemed like they tried to take it too far.

With that said, I’m headed to the All In Energy Drink party tonight at the Palms. Yep, color me a hypocrite if you like, except that I have nothing against the drinks or the company, only with their attempt to monopolize the drinking public at the WSOP. Dan, on the other hand, may be looking to buy stock in the company, if his newfound All In root beer addiction is any indication.

3 Comments to “All In is All Over the WSOP”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    Which would be worse to drink: All In or Milwaukee’s Best?

  2. California Jen

    Oooh, good question. I have no answer because I drink neither. I’d almost rather drink Vegas tap water…

  3. DanM

    I have been drinking so much ALL IN it’s sick! I’m up to needing three cans at a time for a buzz!