Breaking Down the HORSE Field, Part 3

by , Jun 27, 2008 | 11:51 pm

For some reason or another, the following 52 players participated in the $50k HORSE event last year, but not this year. Some of these names, of course, are more interesting than others:

Ariel Schneller
Bart Hanson
Bill Edler
Bob Feduniak
Carlos Mortensen
Charles Kaelin
Chip Reese
Chris Gentile
Cyndy Violette
Daniel Shak
Darrell Dicken
David Pham
David Sklansky
Erik Seidel
Gavin Smith
Harry Thomas
Jack Zwerner
James Owens
Jason Lester
Jeff King
Jerri Thomas
Jerrod Ankenman
Jesse Jones
Joe Tehan
John Cover
John Duthie
John Kabbaj
John Phan
Josh Arieh
Keith Lehr
Kirk Morrison
Kristy Gazes
Luke Neely
Marco Traniello
Mark Tenner
Mark Vos
Matt Lefkowitz
Maureen Feduniak
Meikle Partin
Neal Friets
Nick Frangos
Phil Laak
Q Knopow
Sam Farha
Sam Grizzle
Shih-Ping Sun
Ted Lawson
Tom Franklin
Tony Cousineau
Tuan Le
Victor Ramdin
Vladimir Troyanovskiy

8 Comments to “Breaking Down the HORSE Field, Part 3”

  1. Lisa

    Anyone else look at some of these names and wonder how they found the $50k?

  2. California Jen

    Some of them were winning big last year – gone deep in previous events for big cashes, etc.

    Erik Seidel didn’t play in this because he was heading toward a final table in another event the same night. He made the final table and finished just a few players short of his 9th bracelet.

    Most were probably backed and lost their backing since then…at least for $50K buy-in events.

  3. DanM

    NOTE: I’ve got a mistake in here somewhere … 49 players who didn’t play this year, and 51 who didn’t play last year? Trying to figure out whom.

  4. change100

    It’s Chip Reese. Because he’s dead.

  5. DanM

    I thought the same thing, but that can’t be it … regardless of the reason he’s not playing, in the eyes of MS excel, he’s no different than Darrel Dicken.

    BTW, Change, I hear through the grapevine that you compiled something similar over at PokerNews. In fact, I was just looking now … but can’t find it. Got a URL? Would love to take a look.

  6. DanM

    The ones that surprise me are the high-stakes stalwarts:

    Sam Farha? Carlos Mortenson? Bill Edler? Maybe even Gavin Smith … Also think it’s interesting that we haven’t seen much of Sam Grizzle this year.

  7. DanM

    OK, I found/fixed it … we initially left out Phil Laak, Ted Lawson, and Q Knopow.

    (Yes, I’m wondering who Q Knopow is, too.)

  8. edbucks

    It’s good to see that little chihuahua Ivey still in the tourney, I’m sure Eli is sweating it a little.