Goldfarb in the Field

by , Jun 1, 2008 | 11:18 pm

Robert Goldfarb — the Arizona Posse-ite who is, um, due? — is doing double-time as a player and a reporter (without a media credential, no less) … and after some technological snafus, his cell phone is linked up again with Pokerati … so be sure to check in with his P*ttering for some reports from the higher stakes tables.

He’s chronicling his own pursuits, his observations from the tables, and Pat Poels’ already being hard at work trying to win his way into the $50k HORSE event.

3 Comments to “Goldfarb in the Field”

  1. zach

    I dealt a sattilite to him yesterday, it was a $325 and he was the first player out with 99 on a J-10-3 flop. I guess he put the guy on a straight draw.

  2. DanM

    Clearly Pokerati material. Do you recall the action so we can chastise?

  3. zach

    I think Robert was the aggresser pre-flop, but called the all in on the flop or turn. I could be wrong, I dealt alot yesterday. And sorry Robert for pointing that out, probably will not be tipped now if I ship him a pot. eeeeekk