RE: WSOP Knockoffs Thrive/Struggle

by , Jun 22, 2008 | 11:58 am

BTW, mad props to WSOP dealer and Pokeratizen 85Nutz, who spent his day off competing in the $300+30 at Caesar’s yesterday … finished in 7th place, which paid him $8k. Nice!

Should give him plenty to dump into video poker at Ellis Island, because that’s what dealers do after a big score, no?

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  1. ItsOverJonny

    Good job Harris!!!

  2. tbonezz111

    Thats one score for the house! Hope this starts a trend from the SW Las Vegas Crew!

    Something to share about his finish…. He was chip leader at final table w/8 left and 1 bonehead of a guy that had the shortest stack wouldn’t chop (minimum everyone would have gotten at that point was 16k)… his reason for not wanting to chop you may ask?? “Wouldn’t it be cool to be heads up with a coin flip for 55k for only a 300 buy in!!” Needless to say, with 7 to go 85nutz got his money in against an all in raise from a player. 85nutz held KK against pocket 77. Of course a 7 pops out, Strike 1 for 85nutz. Then, against the “coin flip” yahoo, 85 nutz gets him all in… 85nutz QQ, yahoo 44. Flop… Q J 10 rainbow (starting to celebrate a little as chop will soon be possible)… turn A …. can this really be happening…. OH YES MY FRIENDS IT CAN…. river K… chop chop. Finally, after getting a little short stacked 85nutz picks up KQsuited in the big blind and has a raiser in the pot he knows is week…. Harris instapushes all in and gets called by KJ. We all know how this story ends… flop… K J X. Just 3 sick hands at the final table.

    Congrats Harris!! Great job and I am sure the first of many final tables!

  3. DanM

    Indeed, big ups to John for his score … which was clearly coming.

    But after a little deserved feelgood to celebrate a job well done, we should all probably talk about what he could and couldn’t do differently to go on for the win. Not so sure I like the KQs push.

  4. 85nutz

    Thanks for the props, it was a long grinding couple of days but well worth it. Troy gave an accurate description of the horrible three hands that took me down and out at the final table. Dan, I too would like to analyze my play and see if there was a way to finish on top, but losing three big hands when your 75% or more favorite makes it pretty hard. On the KQ suited hand, which was my final hand I did have a good read on the player. When he had a good hand and raised he always took his time, when he was stealing or ‘mixing it up’ he always raised the second it was his turn to act. On this hand he open insta raised from an early position. When it was folded around to me I knew that my KQ was going to be ahead and there was a good chance I was in a dominating position which turned out to be true. I couldn’t just call because the raise was to 480k and I only had around 530k. Even without the read on the player I probably would have had to push because the blinds were at 120/60k with a 10k ante and with my 120k big blind in the pot I was only left with 410k, and who knows if I would have picked up a better hand before my next big blind.

    I’m not upset with how I played in anyway. I missplayed AA early on but got away cheap and only got my money in bad once the entire tourny and had to get lucky. My next day off is Friday, I’m counting the days!!!

  5. zach


    go team Dallas!!!!!

  6. zach

    by the way

    Now I have extra incentive to win a big cash just to have my own pokerati blog.