(Way) Outside the WSOP – (Day 25 Evening Update)

by , Jun 23, 2008 | 9:16 pm

What’s going on tonight at the WSOP:

The $1,500 NL Holdem final table just completed and it was down to a Woo and a Wood for the bracelet (w00t!). David Woo from Atlanta, GA defeated Matt Wood from Whitby, Ontario, Canada to win just over $630,000 and a coveted bracelet. Wood has the consolation of taking home almost $390,000 US back to the Great White North. Woo was bolstered when he knocked out the 2nd and 3rd chip leaders (Thom Werthmann and Curtis Early) with 6 left on the same hand, when he flopped the nut straight against top two pair and an open ended straight draw.

Other tournament action on the next page:

The $2,500 Limit 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball event is down to 10, with 6 moving to the final table. Billy Baxter has won 7 bracelets, all in lowball events, and started today in 30th out of 30 remaining. Baxter showed his true greatness today, as he won pot after pot to at one point he was chip leader. At this time he has settled into 3rd place at the moment behind John Phan and Robert Mizrachi. Other notable names remaining: Steve Sung, David Sklansky and Mike Wattel.

The only tournament today, the $1,500 NL Holdem Seniors World Championship, set a record with 2,218 participants, of which about 500 are remaining. Among the leaders: Tom Franklin, Men Nguyen, Tom McEvoy and Bellagio tournament director Jack Mclelland.

The other tournament on the floor today, the $1,500 Mixed Holdem event, has 31 remaining in the field as they play down to their final table. Not many notable names remain, but you can go hereto follow the action.

More to come later tonight from Dan/Jen, and I come back tomorrow with more exciting stuff…

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