And the Official Number is… 6844!

First Place to Pay Over $9 Million

by , Jul 6, 2008 | 6:28 pm

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived… The official number of entrants in the 2008 WSOP $10K NLHE main event is 6,844. Second largest field ever.

When it was announced that the final 666 players will be in the money, a collective groan came from the tables. Oooh – 666. Superstitious crowd, eh? I will only be creeped out if the 666th finisher is named Damien…

The first prize is a whopping $9,119,517. Whew! I may have heard a collective sigh of relief from Harrah’s staff members, as they now know that the event grew from last year – 486 more players – and the big first prize is one they can truly brag about. Actually, that same sense of relief may have resonated through the poker media as well. Good numbers, good sign that poker is experiencing some growth amidst tough economic times.

Full payout list will be listed when we get it in our hot little hands.

6 Comments to “And the Official Number is… 6844!”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    Assume it’s something close to this*:

    1st $9,119,288
    2nd $5,790,024
    3rd $4,503,352
    4th $3,763,516
    5th $3,088,013
    6th $2,412,510
    7th $1,769,174
    8th $1,286,672
    9th $900,670
    10thh $591,869
    11th $591,869
    12th $591,869
    13th $463,202
    14th $463,202
    15th $463,202
    16th $334,535
    17th $334,535
    18th $334,535
    19th-27th $257,334
    28th-36th $193,001
    37th-45th $154,401
    46th-54th $135,101
    55th-63rd $115,800
    64th-72nd $96,500
    73rd-81st $77,200
    82nd-90th $64,334
    91st-99th $51,467
    100th-162nd $41,817
    163rd-225th $38,600
    226th-288th $35,383
    289th-351st $32,167
    352nd-414th $28,950
    415th-477th $27,020
    478th-540th $25,090
    541st-603rd $23,160
    604th-666th $21,230

    * Using the WSOP payout chart, which only goes to 3 decimal places, so they’ll be a few bucks off.

  2. Poker Shrink

    The November Nine go for Nine (Million).

  3. BJ Nemeth

    Good point, Poker Shrink. Add to that they’ll be receiving nine (hundred thousand) on July 14th for guaranteeing at least ninth place. So (assuming those numbers are correct), this will be the remaining prizepool when the November Nine return in November:

    1st – $8.2 million
    2nd – $4.88 million
    3rd – $3.6 million
    4th – $2.8 million
    5th – $2.18 million
    6th – $1.5 million
    7th – $870,000
    8th – $385,000
    9th – $0

    Looking at that list, I wouldn’t be surprised if they “juggle” the numbers a bit. I think they’d like to say that everyone in the final nine receives $1 million — it makes for good newspaper copy.

  4. Kevin Mathers

    When I made a post on this (with my poor spreadsheet skills messing up the calculations) I figured they’d round up first to something like 9.25m. I’d think they didn’t adjust the figures because they’re figuring the players will get the extra money from endorsement deals.

  5. Poker Shrink

    Hey, look its BJ!

    I remember last year they tossed $10K in to some pot to make first a round number but I also vaguely remember that the Gaming Commission was not happy with “jiggling” once they have OK’d the splits. So adding to the prizepool is OK but “jiggling” is not. Hmmm, should that be “gigling”?

  6. Haley

    Wheeeeee!!! I won a prop bet!!! I’m now 1-for-#&*%$*@-7.