Attempted Cheater Caught on Tape

by , Jul 11, 2008 | 4:04 pm

These shots were taken on Day 2, and they show the player sitting to Pat Poels’ left trying to sneak a peak at his hole cards. I told Pat about this, btw, and like Tommy Grand or Joey Greco, I showed him the surveillance footage of the disappointing truth.

“It’s better that you know,” I told him.

But Pat reassured me that it’s OK, his opponent didn’t see anything, because “I’m very good at looking at my cards,” he said with a straight face as if he were being totally serious about a practiced skill. “Just ask Robert, he’s told me before when trying to sweat me he can’t see my cards.”
DSCF2238 DSCF2237 DSCF2236

Pat is currently on break in Day 4 of the main event — 450k in chips with 350 players remaining, one of whom is not the guy at right.

5 Comments to “Attempted Cheater Caught on Tape”

  1. jonnydallas

    Is it really cheating?

    If someone squeezes their cards in such a fashion that I can see them, I’m looking. My opponents bad, not mine.

    What do other readers of this blog think?

  2. Ed

    I never go out of my way to try and look though. Might even tell the person unless they have been a cock at the table.

  3. Scott Chaffin

    It could also be that the guy’s just being observant and looking for a tell. I watch people’s hands a lot at the poker table. Kinda part of the game, right?

  4. DanM

    BTW, I could say that it’s Brian Austin Green. Looks like him.

  5. Tuscaloosa Johnny

    I think the question is how much effort to see another person’s cards is cheating? This guy was leaning back and hunched a little low, which appears a little shady, but a guy could theoretically really contort himself to look at those hold cards as the player holding them looks. Where do you draw the line?