CSR Report

by , Jul 5, 2008 | 7:32 pm

Ok. First blind no luck. Down to 14k, 2nd blind got blimded down to 10k in first9 90 minutes and finally caught a hand to pick up a few

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  1. SuperVisor

    (Let’s see if all this makes it if I use comments…Not enough room on the original post.)

    Ok. First blind, no luck. Down to 14k. 2nd blind got blinded down to 10k in first 90 minutes and finally caught a hand to pick up a few thousand, then played 8s from middle position, big stack bully calls my 900 bring in and I put him on an a high pair. Flop is crap low 6 high with 2 diamonds. I check and he bets 2k. I call, turn, turn pairs the 3, I check, he bets 3k. I call. River is a Jack of diamonds showing a flush.

  2. SuperVisor

    I bet 2k into him and he eventually folded a high pair. I show my 8s as I rake. Won a few thousand more to end blind at 28k.

    Third blind not good. Ended with 18k with a small recovery after AK suited hurt me 2x. First time I re-raise to 1800 from the 900 into me. I’m on the button. Flop is 7,9,10 rainbow. I’ve got the guy on an overpair. He checks. I position bet to represent my supposed bigger overpair. He calls. Turn is a 6 of hearts so I now have nut flush draw. We both check. River is an 8 so there is a straight on the board. He eventually bets 5k, is he stealing the pot? My gut says he has pocket Js but I don’t listen in spite of that exact advice having been given to me in an email this morning. He has ’em. I got 15k now. Got back to 22k with a couple hands, then get AK hearts under the gun. I limp, get a raise to 900, I call, flop is K, 8, 3 with 2 hearts. I check. He bets 2k. I re-raise 3k more. He goes all in for 14k more. This time I heed my gut. I kind of put him on AA preflop as he was in middle position. Figure best case is we have same hand. I fold. He didn’t show but pretty sure I made a good laydown there. Back to 15k. Picked up a small pot before we broke. At 18k. Time to eat.

  3. Sally

    Go get’em! I’m assuming you made it through the first day?

  4. Debbie Molina

    Take em down TOM! I hope you made it through first day. Anticipating the Victory Party.

  5. Zach

    So I haven’t seen any other updates from ya Tom…did you make it through day 1?

  6. California Jen


    Sorry, folks, he didn’t make it through Day 1.