Where to Follow the WSOP Online

by , Jul 4, 2008 | 8:22 pm

We’ve got a new poll up on the right — go ahead and start your ballot-stuffing as we try speculate wildly on who is most likely to win the WSOP main event. Should be fun, albeit different than our last one, which was actually useful.

For the past week we’ve been unscientifically asking Pokerati readers which site — other than Pokerati, of course — was most essential to their understanding of the summertime poker fun that gives them so much jolly. You can see the complete results here. Nearly 200 of you went through the effort of actually clicking an extra button, and to that extent, amongst the geekiest most intelligent of poker geeks, the sites that matter most, in order of their finish:

Tao of Poker
Pauly’s whole purpose in life is to make me look bad, and hey, it seems to be a worthy pursuit. He wins this poll by a landslide.

Hold’em Radio
I’m scratching my head, too, as I haven’t really seen the folks based at Binion’s paying much attention to the WSOP, but hey, they apparently know how to motivate a portion of the “pirate” web community to outvote PokerRoad, so we’ll give them the props.

They paid a hefty price for the privilege of hiring bloggers to slave away write up hands and keep official chip counts, and it’s clearly worth something to people who care about big-tourney action.

The Batfaces
These guys are idiots, so you can pretty much ignore them. But still, Tiny B may be the best Blackberry tournament reporter not in the business.

Official WSOP Website
As well it should be. Not only do you get to read Jeffrey Pollack’s blog and watch Jean-Robert Bellande’s efforts to make it as a poker pro with no money, but also they’ve got all the official info you need to know.

Wicked Chops
They love boobies and hate redheads (to a near-racist extent), and they actually happen to know a whole bunch about what’s going on in poker.

There are other sites, too, of course, that merit some of your WSOP-coverage time … but these are the six that Pokerati readers say should matter second-most.

3 Comments to “Where to Follow the WSOP Online”

  1. son of sue

    People love us, people REALLY love us….

  2. Bundas

    Dan ,

    In regards to the Holdem Radio votes it is True that the forum has not had much WSOP content but remember That Holdem Radio is a Radio station and the broadcasts have been full of WSOP content from the pro’s coming on live and the show hosts coving every aspect from day to day.. as for written content there is no better then here at Pokerati!!!

  3. DanM

    you mean like live radio like the type they had back in 1939? Very old school of you guys! Who knew?!? I think I heard something about that on Sirius once. What station can I hear it on in my car?