Hard Rock “Poker Lounge” Getting Ready to Open

by , Aug 6, 2008 | 4:48 pm

Hard Rock Poker RoomAs happens with so many openings in this town (and LA and NYC, presumably) … the unveiling of the Hard Rock’s new poker room has been delayed (um, like four years late?) and delayed … but we could tell they were moving forward with things — whether it was the dealer auditions being held in June or the HRH Poker Lounge attire sported by Jeremiah Smith (and another guy — I forget whom) during the WSOP main event. Anyhow, am now hearing it’s set to open-open by the end of this month … and here’s what the Hard Rock will be saying about the poker component of the hotel-casino’s $760 million revamp:

Poker Lounge – The Poker Lounge is the only poker room in Las Vegas with a full bar and lounge, but don’t get the wrong idea—this is the real deal for poker players of every level. New to the game? The Poker Lounge offers free lessons. Want to find you hand with your own music? Bring your iPod and plug it in to one of our private VIP tables. This isn’t your old man’s poker party. It’s everything you’ve come to expect from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and a world-class poker room—18 tables, great music, a full service bar and lounge in signature Hard Rock style.

5 Comments to “Hard Rock “Poker Lounge” Getting Ready to Open”

  1. Anonymous Asshole

    I’ll check it out then when I am there the week after Labor Day. Bellagio/Venetian/Caesars are the nicest. I find Bellagio to be heaven with all their games available and tons of tables going. I find you can play endlessly there and the lines don’t drop.

    Dan. You’ve been there 6 months now? 1 year? Give us your opinion on the easiest tables vs. the most difficult and what places you like to play at.

    Inquiring minds want to know!

    AA out

  2. Sly Bri

    I was just in Vegas this past weekend and I was talking to one of the poker room managers who was leaving Caesar’s for Hard Rock, and another dealer (I think from TI, I placed so many places in 5 days I can’t recall). Quite a few people were talking about how great Hard Rock is going to be. I’ll see on my next trip but in the end I think it’s not going to be anything special when the newness wears off.

    As for the guy above me, I think The Bellagio has some easy 4-8 tables that can be run up pretty good. Every time I go there, and last weekend was no exception, there are always a few remnants of guys who played higher limits and went broke, and think they are too good for the 4-8 table, and thus only get themselves in deeper.

    The problem in Vegas is the NL games with people who don’t know how to play. I spent about 5 at Caesar’s turning $120 into nearly a grand to only lose most of it to a guy who couldn’t give up his AK and went runner-runner to beat my flopped nut straight. I called a $50 raise with 8-9 suited, flop came 7-8-10, turn and river were J-Q. Anyone who knew how to play would have dumped the hand, especially because that A-K had no flush draw out there. Instead, guy bet $100 on the flop, I went all-in to chase him and the other 2 players out in case they had a flush draw, and Mr. AK called with crap and got super lucky. Give me the good players anyday.

  3. samantha

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  4. BJ Nemeth

    *** The problem in Vegas is the NL games with people who don’t know how to play. … Give me the good players anyday. ***

    If I push with the nuts and my opponent needs to catch runner-runner to catch me … let’s just say that you and I have a very, VERY different definition of the word “problem.”

    Give me the fish any day, even if statistics show that they’ll get lucky once in a while.

  5. veeRob

    Just saw the Hard Rock poker room this evening… it’s almost done! The staff said it _should_ be open on the 18th. See ya all there!