Money Day at the River: (Partial) Starting Line-up

by , Aug 23, 2008 | 3:32 pm

Today’s the final day of the $3 million River tourney in the Winstar Territories. The $2,000+100 NLH event started six days ago with what would grow to more than 1,400 entries. A few less than 150 made it into the money and play today for the big money. Here are about 90 of the starters, and their starting chip counts:

(Thanks, Alicia, for sending this along!)

Sunday Chip Totals

Celso Jimenez                   53,000
Femi Ljama                         46,000
Suchol Leela                       234.500
Richard Grosley                120,000
Matthew Harris                79,000
Michael Boydston            105,500
Billy Sewell                          193,000
James Worley                    32,500
Jason Ware                         17,500
John Cornelsen                 95,500
Michael Warwick              67,500
Randy Nix                            74,500
Lon Spencer                       180,500
Frankie Evans                    21,000
Jesse Wigginton               269,500
Paul Lackey                         69,000
Jeff Franklin                       164,000
Joshua Cathey                   65,000
James Richter                    268,500
Jose Olvera                         72,500
Keith Budner                     54,500
David Underwood           102,000
Rhett Kruizingna               35,000
Benjamin Rude                 126,000
Adam Wessley                  154,000
John Niccoli                        37,500
Scott Beck                           98,000
Jayne Bluhm                      14,000
Lee Hill                                  84,500
Scott Clements                 68,000

Monday Chip Totals

Lonnie Hardcastle            176,500
Hao Liu                                 94,500
Todd McClure                    83,000
Bobby McClendon           171,000
Michael Marx                    119,500
Greg Henry                         157,000
Jerrell Fielding                   78,000
Mac Wolf                             250,000
Charles Stubblefield       24,500
Jeff Jones                            79,000
Larry Kemp                         88,000
Bobby Shofner                  0
Glenn Wiegl                       67,500
Halit Ozaltun                      31,500
Nhut Tu                                266,500
Valerie Arnold                   192,000
Ronald Miller                     87,000
Howard Hill                         82,000
James Russell                    19,000
Dwayne Woodcock         56,000
Doug Lippe                         145,500
Greg Dockery                    24,000
KD Groves                           37,000
Louis Perry                          90,000
Warren Bowlby                 91,500
Frankie Bolin                      32,000
Gary Fisher                         93,000

Tuesday Chip Totals

Oliver Anderson               117,500
Hung Le                                25,000
Sam Ragsdale                    16,000
MD Wyde                            66,000
Quyet Tran                         119,000
Shane Van Loon               38,500
William Hickey                   245,500
Jim Gaston                          118,000
Dylan Easley                       26,500
Nathan Halbert                 172,500
Christopher Perez           26,000
Charlie Ryan                       336,500
Jay Chensonbath             55,000
Don Vongprachanh         80,500
Brian Rendien                    69,000
Michael Heygood             28,500
Brian Burney                      119,500
Marty Lowe                        116,500
Ahmad Popal                     83,500
Teddy Gill                            357,000
Wayne Null                         99,000
Jim Rhodes                         142,500
Mike Paciella                      55,000
Thao Truong                       44,500
Dallas Ward                        32,500
Peter Donnelly                  42,000
Tracy Morgan                    67,500

8 Comments to “Money Day at the River: (Partial) Starting Line-up”

  1. ItsOverJonny

    Thanks Dan and Alicia! With all of the money that Winstar spent on radio, TV, outdoor, and alternative advertising, you would think that they would involve the media to further hype this event. But wait – that would make too much business sense.

  2. Steve Justice

    Guy Nelson out at 120th and Lonny Hardcastle out at 65th…Shawn Rice was still in with good stack and Larry Kemp from Denison. Guy name Adam Wessley was chip leader when I Left.

  3. DanM

    Does anyone have a payout sked?

    And/or any specific numbers regarding how many total in the tourney, how many started today, etc.?

  4. David


  5. Steve Justice

    144 Players 10th $60,000 11th $46,000
    1st $700,000
    2nd $365,000
    3rd $213,000
    4th $150,000
    5th $120,000
    6th $105,000
    7th $ 90,000
    8th $ 75,000
    9th $ 67,000
    This is the recaculated number…$18,000 was added to top 3 spots

  6. ItsOverJonny

    If they added $18k to the top, I’m guessing they paid 144 spots and took the $18k from the bottom (6 spots x $3k).

  7. Alicia

    When I left, James Smith (you old Ashton players and downtown players would know him) and the asian dude… I’m assuming Young Cho that was referenced on another post were heads up. Sean made a great showing going out in I think 7th place. Sorry not to have more concrete details than that, I couldn’t stand to stay in the final table room for very long. It was like watching paint dry. So my info is from a source that agonized through it and sent texts with info. God love ya.

  8. Alicia

    turns out my info was wrong… james went out in 4th. great job james!