Winstar: Thursday, Last Day 1

by , Aug 21, 2008 | 8:24 am

According to Craig’s list, the Winstar Thrusday chips are a hot property, as people are asking $3,000-$5,000 for the sold-out $2,100 seats. I’m curious as to how many of those folks are having any luck. Comments? Anybody? Personally, I’m not seeing any deals working and am thinking that there will be a lot of late comers who couldn’t flip their chip.

Thursday is starting up the TV crew is running about. I’ve requested Survivor updates for Wednesday and should have those later today. I would already have posted them, but the person with the goods told me that he didn’t want to walk over to the poker room and get it. He’s a nice enough guy, but when, oh when will Winstar figure out that there’s live “Beyond The Tent”. (Is that domain available?)

Updates to come.

20 Comments to “Winstar: Thursday, Last Day 1”

  1. Woody

    Haven’t been up there, but reports were that Mon-Wed seats were actually going for around half-price because those days weren’t sold out. Thursday seats may be a different story since I’ve heard that there are no more available for sale from the Winstar cashier.

  2. DanM

    One of these days, poker room operators will figure out that most of their tournament fields work during the week.

  3. ItsOverJonny

    Sunday was sold out AND not a work day, and I did not see or hear of any chips selling for a premium. Prior to Sunday, the asking prices on Craig’s List were as high as $4,000. Some people were even kind enough to trade your weekday chip for their Sunday chip if you were willing to kick in $1k cash.

  4. Byron

    Hey, any chance of seeing how many shortstacks will be going into Saturday? I was a Wednesday survivor (was sold out by the way) but with only $41K headed into Saturday, I’m just curious how many (if any) have fewer chips.

    Anyone got a rough idea?

  5. BigDogWoody

    hey Byron I had 56k on Monday with 6-8 stacks less than me.

  6. Byron

    Good to know BigDog — I was hoping there were a lot of shortstacks besides myself.

  7. Karridy

    One guy made it in with a single chip, and another with 0. A double all-in advanced him sans clay. No word on whether or not he actually has to drive back to get his money. I’m guessing yes.

  8. Byron

    Oh hey, Karridy… its Byron that played on the winning team in your team event last year.
    I heard about the zero chip guy… crazy. Guess I might need to take a copy of that payout structure with me afterall.

  9. Alicia

    I saw that another Plat room ex-regular, John Niccoli made the money on his day. He had 36k going into Saturday

  10. DanM

    Where are you guys seeing this stuff? is it posted anywhere? I have reached out to Winstar seeking whatever sheets they are handing out at the tourney, but they have not replied with any info.

  11. Alicia

    I saw it at the event yesterday. I think I might have it in my purse or I might have left it there. After running into those quads, i didn’t care anymore about who was moving on. I’ll look for it in a bit and email them to you if I have them.

  12. Woody

    The thought of sitting at a tournament table with Niccoli for several hours is almost enough to make one consider forfeiting the $2k entry fee.

  13. Alicia

    LOL… I like Niccoli and his little boy haircut. I hope he can get a double ups quickly and make a run for some of the big money.

    BTW, Dan… found it. How do you prefer for me to get it to you?

  14. Ed

    He would prob love for you to fly out to LV and deliver it in person. I know I would if I were him.

  15. DanM

    alicia, sadly our Pokerati World Headquarters Las Vegas Campus doesn’t yet have a fax machine. can you scan and email? dan m at pokerati dot com.

    you are of course welcome to deliver it in person, too … if so, email me your residence address so we can send the private plane to pick you up.

  16. David

    John Niccoli did make the money but is not going to go back to play on saturday…they are going to just blind him off.. he had a trip planned long ago and paid for to go to Vegas this week..I spoke to him today and he just took down a Tourney at harrahs….he is at peace with just making the money at winstar….

  17. ItsOverJonny

    WTF Woody? Niccoli is chatty sometimes, but he is one of the genuinely nicest guys you’ll ever meet. I don’t mind “pleasant chatty”, it’s the “douchebag chatty” that makes me nuts. Congrats John! Does anyone know what level they are starting on tomorrow? Maybe if the short-stack action is crazy enough he’ll still have a few chips left when they get a money bump at 120 players.

  18. Byron

    I heard that the worst we would start at is 3000/6000 with a 500 ante, but who the hell really knows. Since I only have 41K going into tomorrow, I’m hoping for 2000/4000 myself 🙂

  19. Woody

    Tap the brakes, Jonny. See Alicia’s “LOL” comment for the proper context of my quote about Niccoli. Indeed, a super-nice guy. But if you put he and Whit at the same table, it’d be a toss up as to who’d shut up first!

  20. David

    John Niccoli’s chair did good and took 83rd…for a 5k cash…good work…