“It Feels Good to Run Good!”

Or so I’ve been told …

by , Sep 10, 2008 | 6:15 pm

While Jen was slaving away covering the WCOOP on the PokerStarsBlog this weekend, I was extremely busy playing in a $1,000 freeroll on PokerStars (12 players max). I’m sure it won’t make her extra-happy to know that I overslept for this special-invite tourney and logged in with an M < 1. But that's what it took to make the final table -- playing tighter than ever. My stats en route to finishing 9th:

During current Hold’em session you were dealt 122 hands and saw flop:
– 0 out of 21 times while in big blind (0%)
– 0 out of 22 times while in small blind (0%)
– 2 out of 79 times in other positions (2%)
– a total of 2 out of 122 (1%)
Pots won at showdown – 1 of 2 (50%)
Pots won without showdown – 0

The series of events is called The Run Good Challenge — mad props to our friends at PokerListings for putting it on. 10 independent typists and two professional bloggers from Listings … duking it out in a game of online hungry-hungry hippo for real American cash:

Event 1: NLHE, regular Stars Structure (Sept 6)
Event 2: NLHE, turbo structure (Sept 13)
Event 3: NLHE/PLO, regular structure (Sept 20)
Grand Final: NLHE Deep Stack structure (Sept 27)

For the three prelims the top three spots will pay: $600, $300, $100. Grand final will consist of top five performers from external bloggers plus best of Dan or myself and will pay all six spots: $1,000, $650, $400, $200, $150, $100.

Sweet, no? Be sure to click below for “live” chatlog coverage from the feature table — kinda interesting to see how entertaining poker can be when you eliminate the hands. (And gives you disturbing insight into the sick minds of bloggers competing in a tournament that couldn’t happen at the WSOP without the entire final table being sent to the penalty box.)

Good mishmash times with Amy Calistri, Change 100, Pauly, the Entities from Wicked Chops (um, inverse multi-accounting?), Spaceman, Poker Shrink, Kid Dynamite, Shamus, Michele Lewis, and Matt & Dan from PokerListings.

UPDATE: Wicked Chops were no-shows.

As mentioned, I arrived a little late for this one, despite setting my poker alarm by going to sleep with Stars running a mere two feet from my head. Alas, pacific time, man … had 95 chips with blinds 50/100 when I arrived, waited a few hands and moved in with KQs … King on the river to triple me up … pushed again the next hand with A-10, but ran into Spaceman’s AA and didn’t suck out like i was supposed to. In the end (of Event #1), Pauly got heads-up with PL Dan … and upon learning that the PokerListings guys couldn’t win any money so their cash would be forwarded to the next prize pool we all insta-became big Dan fans … and during their lengthy suck-and-resuck mano-y-mano we did what you would expect any good poker writers to do: We tried to see what cuss words and sexual euphemisms we could get through the PokerStars chatbox censor.

Congrats to PL Dan for taking it down (and carrying it over!) and thanks to him and Matt for making this sort of poker party possible:

LFISBRTL what it do 3
Blue123 hey y’all 6
ZClub Poker Shrink here 1
LFISBRTL pl strategy writer dan skolovy here 3
Blue123 amyc here 6
LFISBRTL just finishing up my other tables 3
Blue123 just got out of my rockin’ .10/.20 razz game 6
ZClub I assume that Michalski asleep in seat 7 1
Blue123 yeah – Dan can’t really be awake yet 6
Blue123 lol 6
mcornman what is the password for this event? Observer
mcornman ?????? Observer
ZClub you called it Amy 1
Blue123 you’re going to have to come over me to get his blinds however 6
LFISBRTL can not confirm or deny any password for this even 3
ZClub someone is missing 1
ZClub must be a west coaster 1
LFISBRTL i think there are a couple people 3
LFISBRTL free blinds in seat 9 there 3
ZClub 11 signed up but someone is completely awol 1
ZClub I think it may be the Wicked Chops entry 1
Blue123 naughty girl 6
LFISBRTL i see how it is 3
LFISBRTL too busy for free money 3
ZClub change is too aggressive, its Pauly double accounting 1
ZClub call the press! 1
LFISBRTL multi accounting is all the rage these days 3
ZClub it always is good for a couple of interviews 1
ZClub damn, observer chat is off, I can’t harrass the other table 1
LFISBRTL well its on for the guy begging for the pw 3
ZClub hmm, must be me 1
Blue123 wanted to see that one 🙂 6
RaiCanada registration closed Observer
RaiCanada someone can tell me the password ? Observer
LFISBRTL shit i am playing in a bunch of late stage turbos 3
LFISBRTL almost open shoved the sb there with trash 3
ZClub lets buy Dan in to a couple of more tables, maybe heads up 1
LFISBRTL im down 3
RaiCanada where i can got the password ? Observer
ZClub Pauly is playing from the floor of the Borgata that should help 1
ZClub is WCOOP still going on? change could be working too 1
change1OO I was up until 7 AM blogging it 4
LFISBRTL thats brutal 3
TNSpaceman lookit these crazy people Observer
ZClub fast play means more sleep 🙂 1
DrPauly hello all Observer
Blue123 hey pauly 6
DrPauly good luck everyone Observer
ZClub Hey Dr. 1
Real Texan hey everyone Observer
LFISBRTL howdy 3
Blue123 hey gf 6
LFISBRTL royal draw 3
mooninjune good luck peoples Observer
mooninjune <– shamalamus Observer
ZClub Hey Shamus 1
Blue123 hey 6
mooninjune spaceman thinks he can take my blinds Observer
Blue123 i’m such a calling station today 6
TNSpaceman i can, sometimes Observer
ZClub today? 1
Blue123 lol 6
Blue123 I mean they’re not suited or anything today 6
mooninjune he did with the hammer once Observer
ZClub strong 1
Blue123 sweeeet 6
LFISBRTL im gonna raise your limp everytime z 3
LFISBRTL nobody limps my sb with t2 3
ZClub political talk at the other table, this could get nasty 1
ZClub yes sir 1
ZClub I think you are in more danger to the left 1
ZClub you two like a private room? 1
Blue123 these two love to tangle 6
Blue123 tango 6
ZClub dance 1
change1OO lucky catch 4
change1OO aii ya 4
Blue123 yikes 6
change1OO well that’s what i do on 2 hrs sleep 4
mooninjune oof Observer
LFISBRTL lol the way ive been playing i have to get that in pre everytime 3
ZClub a little private heads up match over there 1
LFISBRTL no difference 3
LFISBRTL only this way my money gets to go in good 3
LFISBRTL rather than the satisfaction of sucking out 3
Blue123 grrr 6
ZClub Ah the pokerlistings ringers can’t win the cash 1
ZClub no wonder they are so loose 1
LFISBRTL yeah 🙁 3
LFISBRTL well no 3
LFISBRTL i always play like this 3
ZClub me too 1
ZClub poorly 1
ZClub those that can’t do, teach 1
ZClub those that can’t teach, write about it 1
ZClub and if you can’t do either, you manage 1
change1OO jesus 4
ZClub change, you guys cover one WCOOP from beginning to end? 1
change1OO gg, good luck all Observer
Blue123 gg 6
ZClub yikes! 1
change1OO no, we do two shifts. i blogged 8 pm until it finished around 5:30am, then wrote the recap Observer
ZClub still brutal 1
LFISBRTL lfisbrtl 3
ZClub this will be interesting 1
Blue123 lol 6
LFISBRTL pauly fall asleep? 3
KidDynamite4 he is working at Borgata Observer
ZClub he is working at Borgata 1
LFISBRTL ah oh yeah 3
IndomacK dan, you’re killing it Observer
LFISBRTL steamrolling 3
IndomacK take it down for the home team Observer
MSeasons life is brutal Observer
LFISBRTL shove river i want to make hero call 3
LFISBRTL ship! 3
ZClub you rejoice an 8 highwin 1
LFISBRTL stand up to that bully 3
ZClub FLOOR! 1
Blue123 lol 6
IndomacK man oh man Observer
ZClub counterfeit 1
Blue123 me 2 🙂 6
LFISBRTL guys were cutting into my 15 tabling time 3
ZClub go for it, we will be kind 1
LFISBRTL im used to blinds going up much faster 3
LFISBRTL i play turbos so i dont have to actually play poker 3
LFISBRTL i just like flipping coins 3
MSeasons agreed Observer
ZClub nice 1
MSeasons poker is too hard Observer
Blue123 hehehe 6
LFISBRTL i dont like that river 3
Blue123 thought it might have saved me 6
IndomacK man, this table is ridiculous Observer
IndomacK super shorthanded Observer
ZClub yep, put in another seat and we go 10 handed 1
ZClub we can squeeze in 1
ZClub Dan has three rounds left 1
IndomacK blast Observer
Real Texan sorry!! 2
ZClub there we go 1
TNSpaceman w00t 9
KidDynamite4 FINAL TABLE m***F***ER! 4
Blue123 damn – actual players 6
KidDynamite4 what a rush 4
KidDynamite4 i’im SO nervous 4
LFISBRTL congrats final table!!! 3
Blue123 lol 6
ZClub shouldn 1
TNSpaceman it’s different under the lights, kid 9
IndomacK it is a tough final table to make Observer
ZClub t they be sitting out? 1
IndomacK only three quarters make it Observer
KidDynamite4 aiyahhh 4
KidDynamite4 KK AGAIN! 4
TNSpaceman dan has actually performed better by not playing. 9
KidDynamite4 michele has radar on me 4
ZClub geez I may beat out Michalski the no-show 1
ZClub may… 1
Blue123 well as long as Russ Hamilton’s not here – we all might have a chance 6
Real Texan it was a read 2
TNSpaceman LOL 9
KidDynamite4 lol 4
ZClub nasty Amy 1
TNSpaceman is that amy across the table from me? 9
ZClub true but nasty 1
KidDynamite4 see, all my previous raises are supposed to make you pay me off when i have a big hand! 4
Blue123 indeed it is 6
Blue123 hey 6
Real Texan hey dan, where were u in colorado? 2
TNSpaceman i haven’t seen you in sooooo long 9
Real Texan hi amy! 2
Blue123 I just don’t want to go out before Dan 6
TNSpaceman even when he’s playing, that’s what we all aim for 9
IndomacK dan’s chair is making a run at the money Observer
DrPauly wow, i made the final table 8
KidDynamite4 lol 4
TNSpaceman we should set up a heads-up challenge between dan’s chair and vinny vinh’s chair 9
LFISBRTL greatest chair run since minh 3
Blue123 lol 6
Real Texan congratulations 2
LFISBRTL yeah vinny vinh 3
ZClub the Vinnie Vinh of bloggres 1
LFISBRTL my bad 3
Real Texan lol 2
TNSpaceman of bloggers’ CHAIRS, you mean 9
DrPauly just a reminder, that im hosting Saturdays with Dr. Pauly at 4:20pm ET 8
LFISBRTL we’ll all just sit out and see who wins 3
LFISBRTL some how 3
TNSpaceman i might just have to play today 9
ZClub where the hell did he come from? 1
Real Texan anyone ever read vicki coren’s piece on that? 2
TNSpaceman on saturdays with dr pauly? 9
ZClub Vinnie Vinh on Pauly? 1
Real Texan cougar on dr pauly 2
DrPauly dude, eskimois here 8
DrPauly saw him again today 8
DrPauly not playing, but wandering around 8
TNSpaceman wherever there’s a handout to be had 9
Real Texan at least he’s upright 2
ZClub thats what Eskimo is here means 1
TNSpaceman wherever a dollar might fall on the ground 9
TNSpaceman eskimo is there 9
Real Texan whaaatevaaa 2
KidDynamite4 hey michele 4
Real Texan yo? 2
KidDynamite4 now adays, the kids say “whatevs” 4
ZClub rule 42: if AMy can raise, I can fold 1
DrPauly i love AC, some guy named Dino just busted 8
TNSpaceman oooooooooooooooooh 9
ZClub bitch! 1
Real Texan i’m down wid dat 2
KidDynamite4 just trying to help you stay hip 4
ZClub will stalling help? 1
KidDynamite4 oh Doc… 4
Real Texan i need all the hip i can get 2
ZClub ten minute break Pauly? 1
DrPauly now? 8
Real Texan smoke break 2
DrPauly i wish 8
KidDynamite4 pauly, you need a bounty on your head 4
DrPauly no 8
KidDynamite4 i need incentive 4
DrPauly i dont 8
DrPauly it encourages POOR play 8
IndomacK next break in 5 mins Observer
KidDynamite4 exactly 4
ZClub Well at least you’re not “The hardest working man in poker” 1
Real Texan or a stud 2
KidDynamite4 not that i’m complaining, but i’m still trying to find out how i got considered a member of “the poker media” 4
KidDynamite4 lol michele 4
ZClub a question we all are asking 1
TNSpaceman i have been asking that about myself since 2005 9
ZClub first requirement: a laptop 1
Real Texan moon woke up 2
ZClub second: still looking for it 1
IndomacK its for bloggers Observer
Real Texan oooooohhhh 2
mooninjune 🙂 5
IndomacK I think I’ve read about poker on your blog…once or twice Observer
IndomacK maybe Observer
TNSpaceman dan came back to play his last 95? 9
KidDynamite4 in any case, thanks matt… you have good taste 4
Real Texan moon spoke! 2
Blue123 omg is Dan actually here? 6
mooninjune moon is all cheese 5
IndomacK right back atcha slick Observer
DrPauly gay av, dan 8
Real Texan dan, i dare you to go all in 2
Real Texan in like five hands 2
TNSpaceman double dare him, then he will 9
LFISBRTL save it for the bb imo 3
DrPauly DOUBLE 8
KidDynamite4 gay av… hah 4
Blue123 triple dog dare 6
ZClub Dan I dare you to sit up straight for more than 10 minutes 1
mooninjune dan is employing a most unique strategy 5
RiverDan72 good morning 7
LFISBRTL lets see how it works out for him 3
IndomacK dan, there you are Observer
Real Texan that is not the dan youre looking for 2
TNSpaceman in texas they call it “strategery” 9
ZClub tragedy> 1
Real Texan LOCKBOX 2
TNSpaceman awesome michele 😀 9
Real Texan with a decoy 2
RiverDan72 who’s winning? 7
LFISBRTL me i guess 3
TNSpaceman poker is winning, dan. poker. 9
ZClub the home team 1
mooninjune gh amy 5
Blue123 ty 6
Real Texan pokerstars is winning 2
KidDynamite4 we are all winners in my book 4
KidDynamite4 lol… seriously.. am i the only one laughing at ME? 4
TNSpaceman for the record, i’m suddenly feeling strangely motivated. 9
TNSpaceman and i hear theme music. 9
ZClub Caddy Shack? 1
Real Texan rocky? 2
Real Texan lol 2
ZClub that is so wrong 1
KidDynamite4 chariots of fire? 4
IndomacK surely its the theme from top gun Observer
LFISBRTL oh come on 3
LFISBRTL a break 3
Real Texan no more like cinderalla 2
LFISBRTL bush league pshyce out stuff 3
KidDynamite4 i’m gonna go study 4
IndomacK I’m gonna go study a cigarette Observer
KidDynamite4 where is Coquitlam? 4
IndomacK near vancouver Observer
IndomacK suburb sorta Observer
KidDynamite4 ohhh.. canadian eh? 4
LFISBRTL i love beavers and igloos 3
Real Texan do u like know negreanu? 2
Blue123 I looked a moving to Vancouver once 6
KidDynamite4 i also love beavers 4
KidDynamite4 AND igloos 4
IndomacK all canadians know each other Observer
DrPauly and KIND NUGS 8
Blue123 fear the beaver 6
KidDynamite4 the beaver is actually somewhat of an endagered species these days 4
Real Texan just had it stuffed 2
IndomacK you have nothing to fear from the beaver Observer
LFISBRTL except the beaver itself 3
IndomacK except for its tail Observer
RiverDan72 go beavers! 7
Blue123 thanks dan 6
LFISBRTL i had a pet beaver as a kkid 3
LFISBRTL he lived in our bathtub 3
KidDynamite4 i am waiting for the punchline…. 4
LFISBRTL thats it, he was just friendly 3
DrPauly gl 8
RiverDan72 crap 7
IndomacK he’s canadian, that was the punchline Observer
DrPauly gg Dan 8
IndomacK oh noez! Observer
TNSpaceman nice run, dan. your chair, too. 9
RiverDan72 such crap. Observer
RiverDan72 i played too tight Observer
TNSpaceman lol 9
ZClub the moral victory is ours 1
IndomacK blame it on the chair Observer
Real Texan maybe you just played too long 2
Blue123 you played tighter than I’ve ever seen you play 6
TNSpaceman WAY tighter 9
ZClub back to bed Dan 1
DrPauly tighter than a twink’s arse in west hollywood 8
TNSpaceman lol 9
Real Texan whats a twink 2
DrPauly GOOGLE 8
ZClub whose an arse 1
Blue123 lol 6
Real Texan whats a google 2
KidDynamite4 where is west hollywood? 4
DrPauly do a image google search 8
TNSpaceman what’s a google 9
DrPauly gg Dr. 8
Blue123 gg 6
TNSpaceman gg shrink 9
Real Texan gg 2
mcornman gg Observer
RiverDan72 pacific timers at a disadvantage Observer
mooninjune gg 5
RiverDan72 just sayin’ Observer
DrPauly excuses 8
Blue123 totally 6
TNSpaceman pacific time is an advantage in life, so it evens out 9
KidDynamite4 lol 4
TNSpaceman i actually live on pacific time, but i do it in tennessee 9
KidDynamite4 HAMMMMAH 4
TNSpaceman hiltons vs hammers 9
Real Texan i can’t google right now, have to focus on chat 2
KidDynamite4 aiyahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 4
DrPauly lol 8
o-hole-ne hammer Observer
Real Texan lol 2
Blue123 but of course 6
TNSpaceman of course! 9
KidDynamite4 sonofa 4
mooninjune hope someone took a picture 5
KidDynamite4 legend 4
LFISBRTL skilled the shit out of that river 3
DrPauly i love poker (as i rub my nipples) 8
KidDynamite4 chao 4
DrPauly sorry KD 8
KidDynamite4 runner runner! 4
DrPauly come down to the borgata 8
TNSpaceman now he actually has something to write about 9
KidDynamite4 pauly… you shuold see how i’ve been running my game 4
KidDynamite4 down 7k this week 4
KidDynamite4 i do not qualify for “run good” 4
DrPauly good lord 8
DrPauly i lost that in the market this week 8
TNSpaceman ni han suh 9
KidDynamite4 yes, at least i will have a hand to write about and pimp p-listing for 4
IndomacK that was an amazing hand Observer
KidDynamite4 i can’t say “p i m p” ? 4
LFISBRTL we control the shuffle algorithim 3
Blue123 it was stunning 6
DrPauly u cant say pimp, but u can say asscock 8
TNSpaceman you were supposed to fold preflop, not call with a 40% chance. 9
KidDynamite4 oh. i see. 4
KidDynamite4 can i say doucheball? 4
Real Texan i had goods 2
KidDynamite4 i guess so 4
LFISBRTL you may 3
KidDynamite4 douchebag? 4
RiverDan72 asscock Observer
DrPauly doucheanus 8
KidDynamite4 wow! 4
MSeasons tourney is brtlly slow Observer
Real Texan u were supposed to bet more 2
RiverDan72 cockass Observer
KidDynamite4 this is a very fun game… 4
Blue123 lol 6
KidDynamite4 cockchugger? 4
KidDynamite4 lolol 4
IndomacK hey, you made the final table Observer
IndomacK thats pretty goood Observer
KidDynamite4 ok spanky 4
Real Texan hey dan, what is the porn warmer up called again 2
DrPauly keep it kosher 8
Real Texan fluffer! 2
KidDynamite4 aoyahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 4
DrPauly gg KD 8
Blue123 gg 6
TNSpaceman gg kd 9
KidDynamite4 thanks guys. Observer
IndomacK death blow Observer
DrPauly i won a race 8
Real Texan gg 2
mooninjune gg kid d 5
ZClub Damn, I missed my own bustout hand; gotta get a new chipmunk for the computer Observer
KidDynamite4 coup de grace Observer
Blue123 fatal flaw = lettin pauly get chips 6
LFISBRTL what about that 72 vs qq one legged race? 3
TNSpaceman doh. 9
IndomacK come back with a vengeance next week Observer
Real Texan gg spacey 2
Blue123 gg 6
DrPauly gg SPACEMAN 8
mooninjune gg spaceman 5
MSeasons what’s up indo? Observer
DrPauly tell Mrs. S i said hello! 8
TNSpaceman i will do that Observer
TNSpaceman i may see you at 4:20 ET Observer
IndomacK what up Observer
DrPauly word 8
RiverDan72 chop? Observer
DrPauly lol 8
LFISBRTL thats a normal raise size 3
Real Texan whachutalkin bout willis 2
DrPauly asscouck, doucheballs 8
DrPauly vote for obama 8
DrPauly no boom boom with soul brotha 8
Real Texan i’m voting for chops 2
LFISBRTL to beaucoup 3
DrPauly lol 8
DrPauly that’s a fine speciem of alabama rattlesnake 8
DrPauly hey michele, did u find out what a twink is yet? 8
Real Texan i can’t google when focusing on chatting! 2
Real Texan ok, hang on 2
Real Texan thats it? 2
Real Texan just a gay guy? 2
KidDynamite4 not that there’s anything wrong with that Observer
Real Texan lol 2
DrPauly lol 8
LFISBRTL no of course not 3
Real Texan especially when they are neat and tidy 2
LFISBRTL what someone wants to do in their spare time is none of my business 3
Real Texan gg 2
Blue123 nh Observer
IndomacK ayaa Observer
mooninjune gg amy 5
Blue123 gg Observer
DrPauly gg AMY 8
Real Texan does this mean i’m the last woman sitting? 2
IndomacK bubble time Dan Observer
LFISBRTL carry over ftw 3
IndomacK for real, will make next week dope Observer
MSeasons showell….what up Observer
IndomacK yo Observer
IndomacK who is this? Observer
MSeasons coles Observer
IndomacK ahh Observer
IndomacK whats up man, how goes it? Observer
IndomacK grinding? Observer
MSeasons getting killed on many tables Observer
IndomacK haha Observer
Real Texan quiet it in here without kd 2
DrPauly booo 8
KidDynamite4 hey michele Observer
KidDynamite4 can i ask you something? Observer
Real Texan sure 2
KidDynamite4 what is the maximum age for a Cougar Cub? Observer
Real Texan now, that’s the question of the hour 2
IndomacK ship it Observer
mooninjune gg Observer
Real Texan gg 2
IndomacK zomg Observer
IndomacK wrecking crew Observer
Real Texan gg Observer
IndomacK cmon Pauly Observer
Real Texan i don’t know kid Observer
KidDynamite4 depends on what? Observer
KidDynamite4 sharp wit? Observer
Real Texan i guess the age of the woman Observer
Real Texan i’m 37 Observer
Real Texan my husband is 56 Observer
Real Texan 36 Observer
KidDynamite4 oh Observer
KidDynamite4 ok Observer
MSeasons this is cool Observer
LFISBRTL should i play? 3
IndomacK somebody phone Pauly Observer
MSeasons fun to watch Observer
IndomacK just wait for a sec Observer
Real Texan YES Observer
KidDynamite4 RAPE him! Observer
KidDynamite4 pauly i mean… Observer
IndomacK I think hes working Observer
IndomacK hmmm Observer
Real Texan everyone has a diff opinion on the subject Observer
o-hole-ne very cool to wait Observer
KidDynamite4 come on Observer
IndomacK there he is Observer
KidDynamite4 did you SEE what he did to me?! Observer
KidDynamite4 i will never be the same! Observer
ZClub He’s ba k Observer
IndomacK lol Observer
DrPauly ok lets do it 8
KidDynamite4 pauly.. you owe Dan a thanks… Observer
Real Texan he’s back Observer
DrPauly THANKS! 8
RiverDan72 i so wouldn’t have waited Observer
DrPauly for waiting for me 8
change1OO gooooooooo Pauly!! Observer
KidDynamite4 he waited for you Observer
Real Texan it’s JUST DO IT Observer
DrPauly fellow poker media – undestands my plight 8
IndomacK Dan, wheres the killer instinct? Observer
LFISBRTL no worries 3
change1OO take it down, love Observer
DrPauly great sportsmanship 8
DrPauly i apprecitae it 8
KidDynamite4 just for the record, Pauly, i told him to rape you Observer
KidDynamite4 at the table only…. Observer
Real Texan some think the woman has to be really old Observer
DrPauly i could use a nice ass pounding 8
IndomacK so minimum $300 rolled over to enxt week Observer
KidDynamite4 come on over Observer
Real Texan FIND A TWIRK Observer
DrPauly twink 8
KidDynamite4 west village.. i’m just chilling out, blogging about the event Observer
KidDynamite4 twirk… lolol Observer
Real Texan oh right Observer
DrPauly lol 8
Real Texan twink, twirk, twerp Observer
Real Texan TINKERBELL Observer
IndomacK hey KD, I put up a quick post you can link to at PL.com Observer
KidDynamite4 i’m all over it matt Observer
IndomacK werd Observer
RiverDan72 really pauly waited for me? Observer
LFISBRTL my other 8 games are suffering for this hu battle 3
KidDynamite4 FINISH HIM! Observer
IndomacK move in for the kill Observer
KidDynamite4 “i want him OUT of COMMISSION!” Observer
IndomacK gamble like a muthabitch Observer
Real Texan u should call this wcoop event Z Observer
KidDynamite4 i can’t believe i’m railing a freeroll… Observer
Real Texan me too lol Observer
Real Texan change where are you Observer
KidDynamite4 new personal low. Observer
RiverDan72 when’s the next game? Observer
KidDynamite4 next week Observer
IndomacK next week, same time Observer
KidDynamite4 i hear it’s turbo Observer
Real Texan when u r sleeping Observer
KidDynamite4 do you better wake up earlier or you will miss it Observer
KidDynamite4 so Observer
IndomacK I’m working on getting the right structure Observer
IndomacK we’ll see Observer
Real Texan maybe if you win you could buy an alarm clock Observer
RodrionRh WHOS GONNA WIN Observer
KidDynamite4 is it possible to play Indian poker online? Observer
RodrionRh this is it Observer
Real Texan yo matt wheres the link Observer
LFISBRTL oh i have a straight?! 3
IndomacK the link..I emailed it out earlier I think Observer
DrPauly lol 8
Real Texan yep got it Observer
DrPauly om like, he checked a staright 8
IndomacK but its the last post on pokerlistings.com/blog Observer
DrPauly nh 8
RodrionRh wtf Observer
RodrionRh pauly hes gonna win Observer
KidDynamite4 wow michele Observer
IndomacK CMON Observer
LFISBRTL ive won 30/70s wit les 3
KidDynamite4 i just noticed that i’m actually CERTIFIED on your site as an award winning smartass Observer
IndomacK ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Observer
RodrionRh WTF Observer
change1OO weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Observer
KidDynamite4 holy cow Observer
LFISBRTL that was a roller coaster 3
change1OO gogogogogo Observer
DrPauly lol 8
KidDynamite4 Pauly is a superuser… Observer
KidDynamite4 clearly Observer
ZClub abuser Observer
LFISBRTL user 363? 3
KidDynamite4 user 420 Observer
KidDynamite4 come on… too easy Observer
DrPauly 🙂 8
RodrionRh LFISBRTL gonna win Observer
Real Texan kid, i told you that earlier Observer
KidDynamite4 hey michele Observer
KidDynamite4 i didn’t know.. just saw your blog.. i thought you were just commenting on my chat Observer
Real Texan pauly, thanks for spelling my name right Observer
KidDynamite4 michele – did you crush it at the WSOP? or was that Tiffany Michele? Observer
Real Texan lol Observer
DrPauly you’re welcome Mesheel Luois 8
KidDynamite4 i’m so confused Observer
Real Texan lol Observer
Real Texan i didn’t do well this year but have a few cashes Observer
Real Texan it’s louis Observer
change1OO and a final table… Observer
Real Texan ok, ok easy now Observer
change1OO she’s being modest Observer
Real Texan youre being kind Observer
change1OO 😉 Observer
RodrionRh its the doom Observer
Real Texan 🙂 Observer
Real Texan it didn’t count it was LIMIT Observer
Real Texan lol Observer
change1OO lol Observer
Real Texan but better than the ladies event Observer
Real Texan one notch up Observer
LFISBRTL im going to hit a flop one day 3
LFISBRTL i know it 3
DrPauly lol 8
DrPauly i hope not 8
IndomacK switch to god mode……now Observer
KidDynamite4 i feel like the slow kid in school… Observer
KidDynamite4 michele – don’t tell me you’re a Cougar because of U. H. Observer
KidDynamite4 …. Observer
KidDynamite4 i thought it was because you liked younger men! Observer
IndomacK nice work Pauly Observer
DrPauly phi slamma jamma 8
DrPauly ty 8
Real Texan YOU are one of the few to catch that Observer
DrPauly my event is ona break 8
Real Texan Love phi slamma jamma Observer
KidDynamite4 just read your blog Observer
DrPauly clyde 8
KidDynamite4 i am seriously the Slow Kid right now Observer
LFISBRTL facepalm 3
Real Texan bought time Observer
Real Texan love the gldie Observer
Real Texan glide Observer
KidDynamite4 i have the Clyde the Glide dream team olympic jersey Observer
Real Texan right now i have a vision of pauly Observer
DrPauly heh, i used tohave his jersey when he was on teh jailblazers 8
KidDynamite4 my world has been shattered today… first pauly HAMMERS me Observer
KidDynamite4 then i find out Michele is a Cougar because of U.H. Observer
KidDynamite4 what next… no santa? Observer
DrPauly ooops 8
DrPauly nh 8
IndomacK oh snap Observer
Real Texan i have a signed pic of barkley glide and hakeem Observer
RiverDan72 barkley glide? Observer
RiverDan72 that sounds dirty Observer
Real Texan barkley, the glide Observer
Real Texan ha Observer
RiverDan72 gotta get me some barkley-glide Observer
KidDynamite4 so matt Observer
RodrionRh this is gonna take foreeeeeeeeeeeeever Observer
KidDynamite4 what do i win? Observer
Real Texan PL hat Observer
IndomacK gggamble Observer
RiverDan72 go america! Observer
KidDynamite4 “America – F*** YEAH!” Observer
KidDynamite4 i’m also singing the South Park Movie Theme: Blame Canada Observer
KidDynamite4 picture it Observer
DrPauly i like canadians 8
KidDynamite4 sitting at my pc in my boxers Observer
LFISBRTL ya we arent so bad 3
IndomacK ugh Observer
RiverDan72 need some barkley-glide? Observer
KidDynamite4 meh eh Observer
LFISBRTL canadia 3
LFISBRTL heck yes 3
KidDynamite4 will you nits PLEASE finish this so i can finish my blog post and get on with my life? Observer
Real Texan maybe u were late because you were using barkley glide? Observer
KidDynamite4 pauly – i demand a copy of Gigli Observer
KidDynamite4 and how come we don’t hang out? Observer
DrPauly u can get it used on amazon for $2 8
RiverDan72 i was actually sleeping … with my computer less than 2-feet from my head Observer
RiverDan72 but it didn’t wake me up for some reason Observer
IndomacK here we go Observer
Real Texan u were sleeping with your computer? Observer
RiverDan72 um yeah, is that bad? Observer
DrPauly computer is code for thai hooker 8
DrPauly ACE 8
LFISBRTL gl me 3
IndomacK uh oh Observer
LFISBRTL same hand 3
RiverDan72 no, it’s code for computer. Observer
IndomacK ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Observer
LFISBRTL same as your jj hand 3
IndomacK ayaa Observer
Real Texan oh are u sure it’s not twink Observer
RiverDan72 and thaiwhore.com … but still Observer
KidDynamite4 matt Observer
KidDynamite4 do i win the bad beat award? Observer
KidDynamite4 SHIP IT! Observer
IndomacK I’ll have to look over it Observer
DrPauly yeah that was ugly 8
DrPauly like asscock ugly 8
KidDynamite4 doucheball ugly Observer
DrPauly hey matt, who is coming to borgata from your crew 8
Real Texan i prefer the term cockass Observer
Real Texan kokass Observer
DrPauly asscock i smy favorite, that and pandaclit 8
RiverDan72 sidebet on who can come up with the best uncensored phrase? Observer
RiverDan72 asscunt Observer
KidDynamite4 dickeater Observer
IndomacK wow Observer
LFISBRTL run better 3
change1OO weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Observer
RiverDan72 cunty Observer
Real Texan cockajuice Observer
DrPauly jesus 8
change1OO fagotron Observer
KidDynamite4 holy cow Observer
Real Texan assjuicecock Observer
KidDynamite4 cocksmoker Observer
KidDynamite4 polesmoker Observer
LFISBRTL heh lost another 70/30 at the same time 3
change1OO michele wins Observer
DrPauly jizzolicious 8
Real Texan ha Observer
KidDynamite4 hey change.. Observer
LFISBRTL though the other one i actually care about 3
Real Texan asspoopcock Observer
KidDynamite4 what the fk was ***otron? Observer
change1OO faggotron Observer
change1OO phagotron Observer
KidDynamite4 i am lost…. Observer
KidDynamite4 oh Observer
KidDynamite4 lol Observer
Real Texan fagsass Observer
KidDynamite4 buttpounder Observer
change1OO they allow that one on full tilt Observer
Real Texan phagsass Observer
KidDynamite4 cumguzzler Observer
Real Texan TWINKARSE Observer
KidDynamite4 sorry… i win Observer
DrPauly Twinkclit 8
KidDynamite4 lololol Observer
change1OO assjuicecock was pretty good too Observer
Real Texan twinkadoodledoodoo Observer
DrPauly lickalotapus 8
KidDynamite4 this is without a doubt my new favorite game… censorship beater Observer
Real Texan i liked assjuicecock Observer
LFISBRTL super user 3
Real Texan cunninlinguist Observer
DrPauly lol 8
DrPauly 2-3 8
KidDynamite4 I am a cunningn linguist! Observer
Real Texan beavertwinkass Observer
RiverDan72 beavercock Observer
KidDynamite4 cockgobbler Observer
Real Texan this is so bad Observer
RiverDan72 (lesbian term) Observer
KidDynamite4 assmuncher Observer
RiverDan72 blumpkin Observer
Real Texan i’m feeling ocd Observer
change1OO cockwizard Observer
KidDynamite4 lol Observer
KidDynamite4 xxxwizard Observer
RiverDan72 cumontits Observer
DrPauly so, we’re even now — is chopping allowed or is that uncouth? 8
o-hole-ne oooFooooUooooCooooKoooo Observer
Real Texan Twinkanolikapuzze Observer
LFISBRTL i put on my robe and wizard cap 3
KidDynamite4 chops are for pussies Observer
LFISBRTL cant chop 3
IndomacK well, its up to you guys Observer
DrPauly ok 8
LFISBRTL i cant win the money 3
RodrionRh this is taking on and on and on Observer
DrPauly OH 8
IndomacK but yeah, they are for pussies Observer
LFISBRTL so if i win its carried over 3
DrPauly i see 8
RodrionRh lol Observer
DrPauly gotcha 8
KidDynamite4 whoa!!!!!!!!!!! Observer
RiverDan72 go canada! Observer
KidDynamite4 go DAN! Observer
DrPauly so im freerollin 8
KidDynamite4 CaNaDA! Observer
DrPauly gotcha 8
Real Texan I can take over Observer
LFISBRTL ill let you win and you can ship to me via player transfer 3
KidDynamite4 not really freerolling…. Observer
DrPauly i will win this for Sarah Palin and the Religious Right 8
KidDynamite4 pauly, i have to admit, everyone is against you now Observer
change1OO lol Observer
KidDynamite4 GO DAN! Observer
LFISBRTL jk that wouldnt be right 3
Real Texan No, then he will be considered the amarillo of media Observer
RiverDan72 michele just suggested something wrong Observer
Real Texan so i should take over or call chops Observer
IndomacK I’m with you Pauly, do it up Observer
DrPauly amarillo slim? i like young girls, but…. 8
change1OO I’m not against you, love, though I might be the only one now! Observer
Real Texan what? Observer
RiverDan72 multiaccounter! Observer
IndomacK ship it like a mo Observer
DrPauly nh 8
RiverDan72 cockinass Observer
Real Texan better than collusion Observer
RodrionRh kickasshand Observer
Real Texan twinkhand Observer
KidDynamite4 lickasshard Observer
RodrionRh bitasshit Observer
RiverDan72 nice! Observer
DrPauly ballsack 8
RiverDan72 rimjob! Observer
KidDynamite4 tittyslammer Observer
KidDynamite4 anallingus Observer
DrPauly assclit 8
RodrionRh bonerasshole Observer
KidDynamite4 i hope i’m invited back Observer
RiverDan72 urethra Observer
RodrionRh boneshitload Observer
RodrionRh vagina Observer
RodrionRh you cant say vagina? Observer
RodrionRh wtf Observer
Real Texan twinkleteabag Observer
RiverDan72 i like that one michele. 🙂 Observer
o-hole-ne nipplebosumhairpie Observer
Real Texan or Observer
Real Texan teabagatwinktoday Observer
RodrionRh kickvaginahand Observer
Real Texan uh, yes, we’re having a special on teabagtwinks Observer
RodrionRh why must it be only joined Observer
RiverDan72 vagina Observer
RodrionRh ass Observer
RodrionRh kickass Observer
RodrionRh now its inverted Observer
change1OO nh Observer
IndomacK this is a war of attrition, as Joe Rogan would say Observer
RiverDan72 i am a little curious about who the non-playing observers of this freeroll are Observer
IndomacK some people from our office Observer
o-hole-ne <—-loser Observer
RodrionRh the end? Observer
Real Texan they are non playing observers, duh Observer
IndomacK and your gangs of rabid fans of course Observer
RodrionRh not the end Observer
DrPauly yikes 8
change1OO and they’re all watching us swear? Observer
IndomacK I guess, I wouldn’t worrry about it Observer
DrPauly man this is insane 8
Real Texan HOLY Twinklestink!!!! Observer
KidDynamite4 cuntgobbler Observer
IndomacK lol Observer
change1OO lol Observer
KidDynamite4 twatsucker Observer
KidDynamite4 oooh!!! i win again! Observer
RiverDan72 ejaculation Observer
KidDynamite4 am i the only one who laughs when a word like that comes up uncensored? Observer
IndomacK Dan likes the real words best Observer
KidDynamite4 seriously, i am ACTUALLY laughing out loud Observer
KidDynamite4 my wife is wondering wtf i am doing Observer
RodrionRh the end now Observer
RiverDan72 ejaculation? Observer
DrPauly A-2 8
DrPauly nh 8
RodrionRh not the end Observer
RiverDan72 jism Observer
KidDynamite4 lol Observer
IndomacK nail that coffin shut dan Observer
LFISBRTL this has been grueling 3
DrPauly im sure im breaking several NJ gaming commision laws playing online poker on the floor of the borgata 8
LFISBRTL but you haave won our hearts 3
DrPauly lol 8
DrPauly i am like that retard in LIFE GOES ON 8
DrPauly call me corky 8
o-hole-ne light up a fatty and get in some real trouble Observer
RodrionRh ejaculation Observer
DrPauly you can say asscock but not REETARD 8
change1OO you can’t say retard? Observer
RodrionRh is not censored and why vagina isn’t Observer
LFISBRTL oh im sorry 3
RodrionRh v agina Observer
change1OO that’s retarded Observer
LFISBRTL i thought this was america 3
DrPauly nice call 8
change1OO booooooooooooo Observer
KidDynamite4 vagtastic Observer
RodrionRh its orasmic Observer
RodrionRh orgasmic Observer
RodrionRh orgasm Observer
RiverDan72 necrophilia Observer
RodrionRh cowshit Observer
RodrionRh bullshit Observer
KidDynamite4 doggydick Observer
RodrionRh bullass Observer
RiverDan72 LOL Observer
KidDynamite4 lolol Observer
RodrionRh bulldick Observer
RodrionRh dickfuck Observer
RodrionRh dickbull Observer
RodrionRh bullfuck Observer
DrPauly jizzclitasscumstain 8
KidDynamite4 superuser Observer
KidDynamite4 he can even type dirty words Observer
RiverDan72 pauly, you are so good with words Observer
KidDynamite4 not fair Observer
LFISBRTL were all going to get our chat banned 3
DrPauly 2 8
DrPauly 2 8
RiverDan72 the sang! Observer
DrPauly 2 8
RodrionRh no way Observer
DrPauly or a 9 8
KidDynamite4 oh my Observer
LFISBRTL standard 3
KidDynamite4 come on Observer
change1OO weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Observer
RodrionRh not ending Observer
KidDynamite4 SUPER– USER! Observer
RodrionRh WTF Observer
RodrionRh SUPER– USER Observer
IndomacK crazy Observer
Real Texan isn’t there a book called 9 on the river? Observer
DrPauly HOLD 8
change1OO ooh Observer
LFISBRTL dskljg’ 3
RodrionRh not really ending Observer
LFISBRTL how do you dodge 3
IndomacK aay Observer
DrPauly wow, i can dodge bullets baby 8
KidDynamite4 dan is on tilt Observer
change1OO nice sweat there on the turn Observer
KidDynamite4 bajungi tilt Observer
Real Texan can’t touch this Observer
LFISBRTL tilt over a tournament i cant even win money on 3
KidDynamite4 I am on tilt just WATCHING this Observer
DrPauly my arsehole shrivled up like michalski walking down hollywood blvd 8
change1OO ______________ Observer
RodrionRh this has to be the mos dodgy tourney i have ever saw Observer
RiverDan72 that’s what the barkley-glide is for Observer
RodrionRh -_- Observer
RodrionRh -^- Observer
RiverDan72 gloryhole Observer
DrPauly im having fun 8
RodrionRh the break? Observer
IndomacK oh no Observer
RodrionRh oh noes Observer
LFISBRTL oh god 3
LFISBRTL no break 3
LFISBRTL please 3
RiverDan72 awesome Observer
IndomacK this is ridiculous Observer
RodrionRh they managed to get the break Observer
KidDynamite4 see dan.. you NEVER should have shown mercy! Observer
LFISBRTL i know 3
DrPauly ok lemme do some work for 3 min 8
DrPauly brb 8
mooninjune take this time to think about all you’ve accomplished Observer
mooninjune 🙂 Observer
KidDynamite4 you could have finished it while Pauly was smoking a J last time! Observer
RodrionRh it should have ended already ppl here are on superpowerz Observer
RiverDan72 anyone else watching saudi arabia vs. iran? Observer
KidDynamite4 if he’s not back in 4 min blind him out! Observer
RodrionRh the dealer is on drunking mode enabled Observer
KidDynamite4 saudi arabia v Iran WW3? Observer
KidDynamite4 or soccer? Observer
RiverDan72 soccer Observer
RiverDan72 is it wrong for me to be rooting for iran? Observer
KidDynamite4 nah Observer
LFISBRTL i am on megatilt 3
Real Texan pauly used to work somewhere with a gloryhole Observer
LFISBRTL my other tournaments are going poorly 3
DrPauly i used to manage a porn shop 8
RiverDan72 is that true? Observer
DrPauly called the Booty Shack 8
DrPauly true story 8
DrPauly no jizz mopping 8
KidDynamite4 hey pauly – Observer
DrPauly y 8
RiverDan72 did you ever have to work “overtime”? Observer
KidDynamite4 did you know the pink pussycat closed? Observer
DrPauly Wha? 8
KidDynamite4 pu$$y cat Observer
DrPauly no way 8
KidDynamite4 on W 4th Observer
KidDynamite4 u know it? Observer
KidDynamite4 SERIOUS sign of a bad economy when p0rn shops close Observer
DrPauly i used to buy charlie around the corner 8
Real Texan dan, didn’t u read the pauly interview Observer
LFISBRTL i did not 3
KidDynamite4 they are the only ones who are immune to business cycles Observer
RiverDan72 please, like i read Observer
KidDynamite4 u bot in Wash Sq? Observer
DrPauly wow… i guess the rent is too high and people get porn fromt he intertubes 8
KidDynamite4 yeah Observer
Real Texan well, you read pokerati Observer
DrPauly McDougal, next to mamoons 8
KidDynamite4 love it Observer
RiverDan72 (and that q as about the gloryhole — i knew about the porn shop) Observer
KidDynamite4 tell me the guys in Wash Sq are all undercover… Observer
KidDynamite4 they HAVE to be right? Observer
RiverDan72 i read MOST of pokerati Observer
DrPauly now? yeah 8
DrPauly in the 90s? no way 8
KidDynamite4 ok Observer
DrPauly pre-guiliana 8
RiverDan72 but there’s just so much less worth reading on it without you michele! Observer
KidDynamite4 they are right in your face… are undercover guys allowed to offer it to you? Observer
KidDynamite4 isn’t that entrapment or something? Observer
DrPauly fyi, Saturdays w/ Dr Pauly starts in 10 mins 8
KidDynamite4 where do you live pauly? Observer
DrPauly now? 8
KidDynamite4 y Observer
IndomacK gl guys Observer
DrPauly out of my backpack 8
DrPauly sort of in LA 8
RodrionRh gl Observer
KidDynamite4 how often are you in NYC? Observer
DrPauly thants where my girlfriend lives 8
RodrionRh the dealer is drunk Observer
DrPauly im in NYC one every few months 8
KidDynamite4 ohhh… “girlfriend”… change…. Observer
KidDynamite4 shoot me a text when you are in town Observer
DrPauly ill be back on Sept 20 8
DrPauly its my b-day going to LAST ever yankees game 8
DrPauly ay y ankee stadium 8
KidDynamite4 nice Observer
DrPauly maybe we can get a drink afterwards 8
KidDynamite4 sure Observer
KidDynamite4 you’ll be HAMMERED Observer
DrPauly u live UWS? 8
RiverDan72 female ejaculation Observer
KidDynamite4 w village Observer
KidDynamite4 nh michalski Observer
DrPauly ahhh 8
RodrionRh fcking flop Observer
RiverDan72 autoerotic asphyxiation Observer
Real Texan ah thanks dan Observer
RodrionRh fvcking flop Observer
KidDynamite4 i will buy you some sort of girly shot… like a lemon drop Observer
RiverDan72 🙂 Observer
KidDynamite4 facial Observer
RodrionRh uck Observer
DrPauly i like my scotch like my women… black with two sugars 8
KidDynamite4 reacharound Observer
KidDynamite4 i like my beer like i like my women… pale and flat Observer
RiverDan72 seriously, this cussing game would make a good journo101 lesson Observer
IndomacK ground up and stored in the freezer Observer
RodrionRh luck has no fvck on it while fuck is fucked up Observer
RiverDan72 lovemaking Observer
Real Texan www.dirtypokerchat.com Observer
KidDynamite4 i’m registering that now Observer
DrPauly how many hands have we played heads up? 8
RodrionRh what’s that supposed to mean? Observer
Real Texan 1 beeeeelio n Observer
DrPauly this is carzy 8
DrPauly migth be the longest ive ever played 8
RiverDan72 pauly already has dirtypokerchat.blogspot.com Observer
DrPauly and dirtypokerchat.ca 8
LFISBRTL superuser fold again 3
RiverDan72 go canada! Observer
DrPauly im pulling in 5 fugures.month w/ that one 8
ZClub WOw! you guys still at it Observer
DrPauly i wont die 8
Real Texan i have it in .org Observer
LFISBRTL pauly runs like god 3
RodrionRh this is insanely insane Observer
DrPauly i suck out 8
RodrionRh the end? Observer
mooninjune just did quick count Observer
LFISBRTL comitted sir 3
mooninjune 132 hands heads up Observer
RodrionRh payly vluff