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by , Sep 3, 2008 | 4:47 am

There are 50 poker rooms in Las Vegas, so we thought you might appreciate the assistance of fellow degenerates in narrowing down the possibilities of where to play when you come to town. The votes have been tallied … and four places stood out above the rest … In what may or may not become a recurring tradition around these parts, Pokeratizens say the Best Poker Rooms in Vegas are:

Gold Medal
The Venetian

Great regular tourneys, Deep Stack Extravaganzas, plenty of all-but-the-highest-stakes action, bottled Fiji water, and maybe the escalator that dumps off drunkenly clad party girls coming out of Tao right in front of The V’s poker room make it far and away the favorite of this website’s readers/players/dealers.

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Silver Medal
Caesar’s Palace

The separate tournament room really is cool, if not the best in town, and the comfortable multi-tiered cash game area never seems short of action appealing to the masses of big little-stakes players. Great freerolls for regular cash players, too.

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Bronze Medal

Still home to the biggest games in Vegas (in terms of buy-ins), thereby drawing the most pros and the players who want to challenge/sit near them. Everything Bellagio is always luxe, of course, and their regular $500 and $1k tourneys makes the chance to play for baller money an in-town constant.

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Honorable Mention

It’s the only poker room where I’ve personally witnessed a fellow player spitting on the floor, and maybe that’s part of its charm. Not the best blind structures, but the bang-for-your-buck buy-ins, generally large field sizes, and frequency of starting times (no matter when you show up, there’s bound to be a tourney starting soon) make their events delightfully challenging. Regular HORSE and Omaha tournaments, too.

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Second Tier
still in the Top 25 percent with reliably good action and comforts
The Wynn, The Orleans, Red Rock, MGM, The Mirage, Hard Rock, The Rio

at least a few readers really dig these places for some reason or another
Mandalay Bay, Golden Nugget, Treasure Island, Planet Hollywood, Hooters

7 Comments to “RE: Best Poker Room in Vegas”

  1. bill johnson

    What about Choctaw????lol

  2. Tuscaloosa Johnny

    Any list that doesn’t have Binion’s getting a gold medal is absolutely ridiculous. Where else can you duke it out with the Duke of Fremont or be accosted for a quarter by the homeless on your smoke break?

  3. DanM

    Dude, it’s the same shit at the Bellagio. Only difference is the homeless people are dressed better.

    And hey, though unscientific, these awards are not subjective … it’s how you all voted.

    The Venetian ran away with it — no one else hardly came close — but Binion’s mounted a serious threat to Bellagio in the last days of polling … but that only pushed Bellagio forward, and they damn-near passed Caesar’s for the silver.

  4. GarryM

    Funny how Caesar’s keeps commenting on their separate tournament room and the times I’ve played in tournaments at Caesar’s they have been out in the main room.

    I think we all need to go do more research on the rooms to refine the list a little better.
    Some of the smaller rooms could use some props.

  5. DanM

    Which rooms do you think are being overlooked, Garry? I don’t go to Caesar’s all that often, but those lines aren’t their PR lines … those are my direct observations. Though I don’t go there often, that tournament room seems to be in use just about every time I am there.

    And that is often one of the problems with the smaller rooms — they don’t have tournaments capable of handling a field size that you’d actually be pretty proud of beating.

  6. Michael Z

    I know it is out at the end of the strip and I’m probably going to get lambased for saying this but the last couple of times I have been to the Mandalay Bay poker room I enjoyed it.

    It is within spitting distance of the sports book so you have a view of the TV’s and the deli is right there as well for a decent turkey sandwich or burger.

    The play is 1/2 and 2/5 NL and there are only a dozen or so tables but the players are not that great and there is plenty of money to be made. No long waits for a seat (like the Bellagio).

    I do love the Bellagio though because it is like the comodity trading scene in Trading Places so wild.

  7. bundas

    well I have to change my Vote…

    I say Mandlay now.. over the past 4 days and 3 trips there for 5 hours each I am up just over 5k at the 2-4 NL. You some times have to play the 1-2 donk feast when waiting for this game to start…

    3 – 5 hour sessions thats about $340 an hour not bad….

    but I would agree this is not normal