New Matrix Tourneys on Full Tilt

by , Oct 16, 2008 | 11:26 am

We’re not usually big pimpers of online poker action here at Pokerati, but something came to me via Full Tilt email the other day that really caught my eye, and that was followed up by a MySpace endorsement from DealerZach (emphasis added):

Full tilt added MATRIX Sit-n-Go’s . It’s the most fun I’ve had with online poker. You buy into a 9 player sng but you play 4 tables and the prize pool is split into 5 pools with the same payouts in each pool. The 5th pool is a matrix pool, you win this pool by collecting points in all 4 sng’s . you get points by knocking players out and you also get a point by surviving every time a player gets knocked out, even if you didn’t knock them out.

Indeed, the concept of playing four simultaneous sit-n-gos against the same people (presumably in the same seats?) is definitely intriguing to me.

Should this delightfully newfangled kinda poker fun inspire you to finally sign up for an account at Full Tilt, please do so with this link, and/or using bonus code “Pokerati”.

3 Comments to “New Matrix Tourneys on Full Tilt”

  1. DealerZach

    Everyone is in a different seat. If everyone was in the same seats you could really tell who is stealing blinds and who isn’t. I like it random though.

  2. DealerZach

    oh and I’ve so far played 6 of them with no profit yet, it’s alot of evening out. good way to play alot and cut your loses, no way to win big unless you win all 4

  3. DealerZach

    Ok, I have found a way to be profitible in this, and that’s to play omaha hi-lo pot limit. I found that people can’t pay attention to 4 tables and calculate odds as fast as i can. My first try I got 1st,1st,2nd,7th and 2nd on the matrix pool somehow. But maybe that’s just me.