Is the Austin Poker Scene Moving from Raids to Robberies?

by , Nov 19, 2008 | 12:44 pm

I’m outta touch, but I’m hearing stuff. Supposedly there was a robbery in Austin in late October where someone got shot? Anyone know more about this?

From what I do understand, most of the games in Austin are small — two or three tables max — and the dudes who run them are friendly. Semi-shady on occasion, but overall good guys running games in true Austin, communal style. However, I also hear that as the games get weak, they’re a little more lax on who gets in — anything to keep that rake moving — so corners are being cut when it comes to security.

Am I out in left field on this one? Any info on the robbery with gunfire would be greatly appreciated.

3 Comments to “Is the Austin Poker Scene Moving from Raids to Robberies?”

  1. Crickets

    [Chirp chirp]

  2. Johnny Hughes

    So what about these dudes in Austin with automatic weapons. They robbed what the newpaper said was a card game in a back yard. They shot one guy. The police killed one robber. Several fled. Several schools were closed.

    I thought poker in the back yard? Nah. But in Austin? Possible.
    What is the deal? Were they playing Go Fishing?

    Johnny Hughes

  3. DanM

    Johnny, I’m not familiar with what you talk of. Did this happen recently? If so, that’s exactly what I’m trying to find out about.

    Or are these just the conjured up storylines in your twisted head?

    Either way, got a link?!?