Poker Riding SNL’s Ratings Coattails?

by , Nov 2, 2008 | 2:03 am

Just curious. We all know the presidential election has been a boom for Saturday Night Live’s ratings … tonight I was watching to see John McCain’s guest appearance. Gotta say, he was pretty damn good:

The host was Ben Affleck — real poker player — and in the group farewell, it was like a sincere, conciliatory ovation to the honorable senator. Majillions had to be watching … and from that scene, at least here on Cox cable in Las Vegas, it went right to Poker after Dark. (And a good episode, too! Mike Matusow vs. all previous champs, director’s cut.)

Certainly at least a few folks (thousand? hundreds of thousands?) had to be drawn into poker for their first time in a while with that fortunate positioning, right?

Interestingly enough, when I finally got bored with the episode (I had seen it before), I flipped to the news channels for some analysis of the McCain SNL appearance. Because really, I saw that, coupled with his most recent ad, as practically a concession speech. Big news! But all the news stations were in stock coverage and rerun mode … CNN was doing a bio of Obama, and on it was more than a mention of Obama’s Illinois politico poker game. He learned the game in an effort to improve his people/political climbing skills, and eventually it turned into an escape where he and his legislative adversaries could enjoy good friendly times.

Anyhow, lots of poker on TV, and good poker … very close to the election stuff that’s killing in the ratings these days.

More McCain on SNL:

One Comment to “Poker Riding SNL’s Ratings Coattails?”

  1. anonymous

    Very funny stuff. Too bad McCain couldn’t have focused his message about a month ago….To all the Obama fans out there – be careful what you wish for…