Youngest Main Event WSOP Champion Ever!

(Shhh, don’t tell anyone …)

by , Nov 11, 2008 | 2:56 am

Peter Eastgate won it. Age 22. New Great Dane. It’s too late, of course for the newspapers (East Coast, at least) to get the results into the paper … so you’ll have to watch it plausibly live on ESPN!

(Actually, I suspect a few midwestern papers, at least, will be able to get something in at the last moment — or they’ll just use the internet … bummer that it didn’t go a bit longer?)

A few notes from the coronation:

The Poker Royalty agents exchanged little smiley fist bumps upon Eastgate’s victory. Not sure what that means — but I gotta think a young online Scandi pro has got to be relatively marketable.

Where’s Norman Chad? Nick Geber is taking on the role as post-game interviewer.

Eastgate doesn’t speak fantastic English, and though the Danes will likely be taking some hefty tax (an issue broached by Geber), he can still probably afford a lot of Rosetta Stone. The Danish early-career Dirk Nowitzki of Poker? OK, bad comparison … but it’s late, people are tired, and, frankly, there’s kinda an eerie calm in the Penn & Teller Theater, as the enormity of Eastgate’s achievement still seems to be setting in.

12 Comments to “Youngest Main Event WSOP Champion Ever!”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    I’m sure Norman was there, but Geber usually does it first for the website. I thought I recalled that Peter lives in England now, so maybe that saves him from losing over half of his winnings.

  2. DanM

    I dunno, man. I didn’t see him today … but did yesterday. He definitely didn’t do the tableside interview.

    You might be right about England … if you are going to gamble for a living, there’s no better place to be able to claim residency, tax-wise.

  3. Kevin Mathers

    Strange that he wasn’t there, maybe they won’t do an interview at the end of the broadcast?

  4. Karridy

    Reap the whirlwind, Hellmuth. REAP IT!

  5. Aaron A.

    Man I’m pissed. They kept saying Nov 11th, Nov 11th! Then I go to and what do I see?? RESULTS!! I never got word that it was earlier lol! Was there live coverage on any channel?

  6. California Jen

    Aaron, it will be on ESPN on November 11th. The only coverage from the last two days was through written blogs and tournament reports.

  7. foiledcoup

    I think Aaron was teasing you guys. He was there.

  8. Ed

    So why did we delay the main table? Was it to keep us from knowing who won the event until it happened 4 months later….a day before we can watch it? My vote is still on the “Stupid Idea” side of the fence. I will watch it like I usually do even though I know the results….like I usually do.

  9. DanM

    Jen, don’t forget, there was also audio coverage. I was listening to it during the event!

    foiledcoup, i think you are thinking of a different aaron.

  10. Karridy

    I would have liked a true, live table much better for many reasons, but as Dan, Tom, and some of you others can attest to, a production orchestration adequate for the type of coverage we expect would be near impossible. We’d miss so much banter, key comments, hole card shots, etc.

    I think semi-live is about as good as we can hope for. Otherwise we’d be on here bitching about how shotty a job ESPN did in following the play, etc. Plus, I honestly don’t care to see each and every hand, so I’m in great favor of editing out the walks and no-flops.

  11. Aaron A.

    Haha I just didn’t pay attention. No I wasn’t there, wish I was though!! Congrats Eastgate!!

  12. anthony

    My thoughts about the ESPNs semi-live final table goes like this, Last year I watched the live pay per view espn coverage that went on over 12 hours. This time I went back to watching the live updatese on so I could see the hand by hand coverage. They played 169 hands before it was heads up. That took up most of the show time on tuesday for espn. Although it way over edited. Did you notice they don’t update chip counts after most of the hands? Instead you come back from commercial and announce that kelly kim was eleminated as if it was during the break and you had no choice. This brings me to the heads up that ended up setting two records, 1 for the longest main event ever(not sure the actual finish time) although they should have combined the two records the second was the biggest blinds ever in a main event. They played over 200 hands and in the end it was edited to 2 hands. Hardly worth it. Unfortunately for me it wasn’t as exciting as it was several years ago. I will have to go back to watching it on the internet and take it of my tivo as to not waste space.