Joe Navarro analyzes the Russ Hamilton video

by , Feb 11, 2009 | 6:09 am

After Raw Vegas’ attempt to interview Russ Hamilton didn’t go so well, Dave Farra called up former FBI agent and expert on non-verbal communication Joe Navarro to give his opinion on the video.

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6 Comments to “Joe Navarro analyzes the Russ Hamilton video”

  1. cmh76

    Just the sight of that fat bastard reeks of guiltiness. Be a man, Russ and own up already.

  2. BJ Nemeth

    I can’t wait to see what the psychics and astrologers think of the videotape.

  3. BJ Nemeth

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist leaving that comment. 🙂

    I respect the hell out of Joe Navarro, and had the pleasure of attending one of his poker-themed talks, which I found to be very helpful. He’s an extremely smart guy, and a true expert in his field.

    But what’s his relevance here? We don’t need a body-language expert to analyze Russ Hamilton. We already know he’s guilty! I bet if you let Joe Navarro read up on the entire situation, he’d consider the facts in this case to be far more relevant than his own body-language analysis.


    WOW , I can not believe that all of you want to be people who think you know what your talking about are to quick to judge some one with knowing All of the fact’s . Did it ever a cure to you that in this case We the people do not know All of the fact’s , in this day and age I’m glad Russ Hamilton will have his day in court and not be judged and prosecuted by any of you after all this is still America right !!!!! Those of you who think just because he did not look at the camera or licked the inside of this mouth makes him guilty , your just plain crazy and stupid , Did it ever a cure to you that he is sick and tired of not being able to leave his house with out Idiots bugging him . his has not been found guilty of any thing as of yet and i were him i would not talk to any one at any point for any reason . I’m sure when every does come out he will still be innocent . and this past year , which I’m sure has been Hell for him will be a bad nightmare that he will be glad is over .And all of the people who have spent so much time judging him will just move right on to the next person you think your better then and I’m sure know nothing about them , Let’s face it this is All that your good at .

  5. DanM

    *** I’m sure when every does come out he will still be innocent . and this past year , which I’m sure has been Hell for him will be a bad nightmare that he will be glad is over ***

    Natalie, do you want to bet on that? you seem as sure of RH’s innocence as others are of his guilt. I’ve contended all along that Russ Hamilton could just be a fall guy for Ultimate Bet — thrown under the bus by the Kahnawake trying to cover some of their own, um, misappropriations? I have no evidence to suggest that, but it’s certainly conceivable.

    Either Russ Hamilton did cheat and steal 10s of millions from people — in which case, sorry, no sympathy — or he did not … in which case he would have grounds for a major libel and slander lawsuit against ultimate bet where he could claim damages in the 10s of millions. I take no sides in the matter, but would love to see it handled in an American court one way or the other.

    He obviously has lawyers on his side … so you tell me, if he isn’t guilty, whyTF isn’t he suing the pants off of Annie Duke, Phil Hellmuth, Ultimate Bet, and the Kahnawake?


    Yes , there are typo’s i was not happy when i read the other comment’s . but i think you can get the point that I’m making here .