The Poker Beat: Hour of Power

by , Feb 20, 2009 | 4:01 am

So we’re really kinda having some fun over at The Poker Beat. Turns out the shop a bunch of us media types talk amongst ourselves is kinda interesting to at least a few people … and dare I say even more captivating than an hour-long episode of ClubWPT? What’s really making the show work, I think, is that all of us panelists actually wanna listen to the segments we’re not on … it’s turning out to be a great way to find out reliable info about important stuff we may not cover closely, which all turns out to really be just a 57-minute set-up for Joe Stapleton jokes (which really are kinda funny).

On this week’s episode, BJ reports from the LAPC about field sizes and Scotty Nguyen’s repeat performance in the $10k HORSE Event; I chime in to discuss WPT Season 8 and try to fill BJ with job insecurity; Parvis and Gary Wise get all Durrr Challengy vs. Patrik Antonius; and podcast newbie Chops joins the fray to break down the Erick Lindgren vs. Dane Cook comedy feud and Mike Matusow’s fiddna to go ballistic on Russ Hamilton.

The Poker Beat
Huff, Nemeth, Michalski, Wise, Parvis, Chops, Stapleton


NOTE: The five guilty in South Carolina just got fines, not jail time.

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  1. Harris

    Hey are these things podcastable (is that a word)?

  2. DanM

    oops, forgot to include the direct link, which is in there now. will work on getting various audio feeds set up accordingly. the internet is hard.