NHUPC Bracket Pairings

by , Mar 6, 2009 | 4:22 am

Here they are, in print-outable PDF format.

UPDATE: Join the fun and see how your predictions compare by filling out a bracket here.

UPDATE 2: With so many people getting in on our bracket action, we’re going to offer a prize to the winner. Not 100 percent sure what it is yet, nor what the rules are for winning — hey, this is kinda new to us — but you can feel pretty confident someone other than myself is getting a Pokerati T-shirt and/or a Pokerati cut card.

P.S. Action is just about to get underway. All players have been through make-up and have been called to the set. Others have complained that it’s starting some 90 minutes later than planned, to which I say, “Clearly you are not very experienced in these televised poker productions, and therefore you don’t stand a chance of winning.”

18 Comments to “NHUPC Bracket Pairings”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    In the mythical wager between me(players he ranked 51-59) and Dan (players ranked 21-29), here’s the first round matchups:

    Erik Seidel v John Phan
    Samma Farha v Allen Cunningham
    Scott Fischman v Jamie Gold
    Mike Matusow v Dario Minieri
    David Williams v JC Tran
    Gavin Smith v Ilari Sahamies
    Antonio Esfandiari v Kenny Tran
    Johnny Chan v Eli Elezra
    Vanessa Selbst v Layne Flack
    Kenny Yeh v Phil Laak
    Leon Yanovski v Jeffrey Ishbia

    Chad Brown v Glenn Chorny
    Joe Hachem v John Juanda
    Jonathan Little v Huck Seed
    Dario Mineri v Mike Matusow
    Jennifer Tilly v Phil Ivey
    Ilari Sahamies v Gavin Smith
    Chris Moneymaker v Daniel Negreanu
    Jerry Yang v Clonie Gowen
    Leon Yanovski v Jeffrey Ishbia (the first ever qualifier v qualifer match)

    Plenty of interesting first round matchups, may the better team win.

    Edit to move the two Caesars qualifier matches to Dan’s list and eventually remove either the Rousso or Tilly match.

  2. Kevin Mathers

    And to predict what will be the “TV table” for each round 1 group:

    Clubs – Tilly v Ivey
    Spades – Sexton v Hellmuth
    Hearts – Lindgren v Lederer
    Diamonds – Duke v Garrett

  3. DanM

    I love Clonie’s bracket section.

    I’m trying to find something that makes them easily editable, as I think I will fill out multiple brackets:

    – who i think will win
    – who i want to win
    – who should win based on rankings

  4. DanM

    people were “lobbying” for TV table match-ups during the little party tonight (er, last night to most of you).

  5. Kevin Mathers

    There should be sites that can do live brackets (with March Madness around the corner).

  6. DanM

    I’m a step ahead of you!


  7. Kevin Mathers

    Bracketmaker.com seems good.

    Edit: I was wondering why I saw the 2008 Brackets on that site.

  8. DanM

    apparently I have two 55s?

    Do you get both of those?

  9. Kevin Mathers

    I’ll let you decide which one you don’t want me to have.

  10. DanM

    here’s a fill-outable bracket:


  11. DanM

    Kevmath, ESPN typo, btw. Here are the rankings I sent in:

    1. Chris Ferguson
    2. Andy Bloch
    3. David Benyamine
    4. John Juanda
    5. Doyle Brunson
    6. Tom Dwan
    7. Phil Hellmuth
    8. Phil Ivey
    9. Erick Lindgren
    10. Gavin Griffin
    11. J.C. Tran
    12. John Phan
    13. Allen Cunningham
    14. Scotty Nguyen
    15. Clonie Gowen
    16. Peter Eastgate
    17. Ted Forrest
    18. Ivan Demidov
    19. Gus Hansen
    20. David Pham
    21. Erik Seidel
    22. Sam Farha
    23. Scott Fischman
    24. Mike Matusow
    25. David Williams
    26. Gavin Smith
    27. Antonio Esfandiari
    28. Johnny Chan
    29. Vanessa Selbst

    30. Mike Sexton
    31. Layne Flack
    32. Jennifer Harman
    33. Eli Elezra
    34. Annie Duke
    35. Daniel Negreanu
    36. Huck Seed
    37. Kenny Tran
    38. Barry Greenstein
    39. Paul Wasicka
    40. Howard Lederer
    41. Greg Raymer
    42. Orel Hershiser
    43. Phil Laak
    44. Vanessa Rousso
    45. Gabe Kaplan
    46. Glen Chorny
    47. Bertrand Grospellier
    48. Jamie Gold
    49. Online qualifier
    50. Caesars qualifier
    51. Chad Brown
    52. Joe Hachem
    53. Jonathan Little
    54. Dario Minieri
    55. Jennifer Tilly
    56. Ilari Sahamies
    57. Chris Moneymaker
    58. Jerry Yang
    59. Jeffrey Ishbia (Caesars qualifier)

    60. Leon Yanovski (online qualifier)
    61. Brad Garrett
    62. Don Cheadle
    63. Online qualifier
    64. Online qualifier

    I’ll be rooting for the people in bold, against the people in bold-italics.

  12. Kevin Mathers

    Does this thing have a deadline?

    Nice to have Shronk give it a mention on the Pokerroad forums to get it over 50 entrants.

  13. DanM

    I wasn’t sophisticated enough with bracketmaker.com to enter in the event times and the like, so some people can get in late. Will be kinda playing it by ear, as I think it timestamps when people made their picks.

    For now we are on the honor system, but I will vet that carefully before shipping out any prizes.

    (And if competitors don’t like that, I will refund them their buy-in.)

  14. Kevin Mathers

    Serious question: Does Seidel not get an invite for 2010 if he doesn’t win an automatic qualifier? I’d think going 0-5 is grounds for just not inviting someone (even if he’s part of Team Full Tilt).

  15. Kevin Mathers

    In the mythical wager between Dan and myself, we have remaining:

    Sammy Farha, Scott Fischman and David Williams

    Dario Mineri, Ilari Sahamies and Jerry Yang

  16. Kevin Mathers

    Dan has Farha and Williams facing each other in the Elite 8, crushing me with none of my players winning a match on Saturday.

  17. DanM

    There you go, Mathers … my 21-29 is clearly better than your, er, my 51-59. Take that!

  18. Kevin Mathers

    Well done sir.

    GoDaddy’s made their Vanessa Rousso investment pay immediate dividends with her in the final 4.

    Vanessa Rousso v Elky
    Sam Farha v Huck Seed