Sometimes You’re the Pigeon, Sometimes You’re the Statue

Warning: Not Safe for Breakfast

by , Mar 10, 2009 | 11:21 am

Pokerati mascot pro-pal Tom Schneider was in Fort Worth the past few days to visit Karridy on some business matters … and while all went reportedly well out in the woodshed and Tom was loving Fort Worth overall as a city … before leaving town the once and future “Donkey Bomber” got this reminder of the age-old life/poker lesson:

Winning Wisdom: The less hair you have, the easier cleanup can be?

4 Comments to “Sometimes You’re the Pigeon, Sometimes You’re the Statue ”

  1. California Jen

    LOL that you left it there long enough to take a photo!

  2. Karridy

    No… I’m quick on the draw. But he soon made me remove it for him, as to not smear into his actual hair, much to the delight of the patio dining sweethears across the street.

  3. DanM



  4. Tom Schneider

    I didn’t realize my hair was so thick in back.

    Or, I didn’t realize I had such a good crop of donors.