He Shoots He SCORES!

by , May 31, 2009 | 1:57 am

Pokerati preferred players cashing all over the place … Jen’s dark-horse pick for WSOP metal, Whit Blanton, took in some side-action at the Hard Rock Poker Lounge — one of the many places around town picking up the World Series overflow — and hit his second royal flush ever:

My analysis of the situation: Cool. Well-flopped Nice runner-runner.

3 Comments to “He Shoots He SCORES!”

  1. waldoworld

    Nice hand, Whit. How do you like the Hard Rock poker room?

  2. DanM

    Whit probably hasn’t seen the post yet, but I can tell you I love the Hard Rock. One of my favorite rooms to play in terms of comfort. (Some people don’t like the loud rock music, however. I kinda dig it.)

    The only weakness for this room so far has been the action — it’s not always rollin’ (it’s no Venetian or WinStar, that’s for sure) and there’s no specific tournament that people see as a must-hit. But perhaps that’s changing with the WSOPers in town + their @hardrockpoker twitterings?

  3. Dale Perryman

    Hey Whit….nice royal flush. It’s a good start.