James McDaniel Poker-Homicide Case Delayed

by , May 11, 2009 | 12:08 pm

Cop-killer-turned-Dallas-underground-game-operator (and alleged Choctaw colluder) James McDaniel’s trial in the death of 21-year-old SMU coed Meaghan Bosch is supposed to get underway this week, but has been temporarily delayed. In an effort to put one of the more, er … colorful characters from the Dallas poker scene behind bars for life, prosecutors will make the case that underground poker in Dallas (circa 2006-07) was a breeding ground for drug crimes, rape, and ultimately … an unfortunate, untimely death.

Update from the Morning News:

Monday’s trial of the ex-con accused of causing the overdose death of Southern Methodist University student Meaghan Bosch has been postponed, the judge ordered Thursday.

James McDaniel’s defense attorney, Thomas Mills Jr., is ill, according to court documents. No new date has been set. McDaniel faces up to life in prison if convicted of charges that he supplied Bosch, 21, of McKinney, with drugs that caused her death. She was found dead May 14, 2007, in a portable toilet at a construction site near Waco. Her death followed two other fatal overdoses of SMU students, prompting criticism that the university was ignoring a severe drug problem.

Prosecutors say that McDaniel drugged and raped other female SMU students who attended his underground poker games near campus and that they plan to call some of them to testify. McDaniel also supplied students with drugs, prosecutors allege.

McDaniel, a convicted murderer and self-described professional poker player, has denied he caused Bosch’s death. He also denies selling drugs or committing sexual assaults.

8 Comments to “James McDaniel Poker-Homicide Case Delayed”

  1. Johnny Hughes

    McDaniel is the kind of fellow that could give gambling a bad name.

  2. scott diamond

    McDaniel was convicted of killing James Burt Horan, a Dallas police officer, in 1979. He served 22 years for the murder, was paroled in 2001 and returned to his hometown of Dallas.

    How the Dallas Police Department and the City Attorney’s office allowed this guy to Parole is beyond me.

    Here in California you kill a Law Enforcement Officer it is the death penalty, or life in prison without parole.

    This guy is no “Poker player”. He is someone who found a way to make some easy money by hosting poker party’s at the height of the game’s popularity.

  3. DanM

    As you know, Scott, Texas generally doesn’t have problems executing people — heck, we generally don’t even need evidence, or even guilt, LOL! I think McDaniel dodged the needle because 1) Horan was a retired peace officer, and 2) Texas was still in its transitional phase in the late ’70s re-instituting the DP.

    He definitely played poker though … I sat across from him a handful of times, including when he was in the midst of one of his collusion-fests.

    Perfect example of the kind of guys we could cut out of any relevance with legal racetrack poker in Texas. (I’m sure California still has underground games, but they gotta be nothing compared to the legit poker rooms, right?) If a guy like McDaniel is a “nobody” in a legal poker environment, then dare I say a girl like Meaghan doesn’t die?

  4. Ken

    (I’m sure California still has underground games, but they gotta be nothing compared to the legit poker rooms, right?)

    Right.. They do pretty well actually.. You’d be surprised.

    There are drug overdoses every day by men and women. Her parents even said she had a tough time with drugs. If she wasn’t wrapped up with this McDaniel character, than it could possibly be another name they are investigating.

  5. DanM

    Fair enough, Ken … you very well may be right.

    But when someone with drug-problem potential hooks up with the likes of James … well that can really accelerate the process, or make things worse than they woulda/coulda/shoulda been.

  6. scott diamond

    There will be underground games all the time even with the card rooms we have here.

    The house gets too much money putting them on and Law Enforcement here does not have the Money or time to go after the few there are.

    Home games are every weekend or evening here. As long as no rake or entry fee is charged there not Considered illegal.

    Sorry you had to sit near such a piece of work. I lost out on $80.00 the other night in satellite at Commerce because I refused to play with a well Known member of an Asian gang, who was at my table.

    He knew me and I said, which one of us is leaving and he told me I was ” Off Duty”

    I am so stubborn …I just walked away.

  7. DanM

    Probably a smart move. never a good idea to start a game off on tilt.

  8. abcdef

    The trial is reset to May 26th. They expect it to take 2-3 weeks…

    For the record, Meaghan’s parents only knew she was using coke in the week prior to her death, and learned after she died that she had a problem for the 2-3 months prior. She wasn’t known to use meth or oxycotin that were found in her body.

    And it will be pretty clear next week that Meaghan was just one of an abundance of women who were drugged (and raped, but that is irrelevant in the case). Maybe Meaghan’s death was what it took to cause enough attention to get this creep of the streets.