Iranian Wins Bracelet

by , Jun 26, 2009 | 10:10 pm

Iranian bracelet.

You just could tell … 2009 was sure to be a big year for Iran! Thought it was gonna be Farzad Rouhani who did it first at the WSOP — but he got Lisandro’d in a Stud event.

Bahador Ahmadi took down the $2,500 Mixed Hold’em event (limit and no-limit — first prize: $279k).

We’re probably not gonna get the conundrum-y bracelet ceremony I was hoping for … because though Ahmadi is Iranian, he currently calls Canada (BC) his home. But if he were to claim this victory for Iran — and the WSOP were to play the Iranian national anthem — do we stand? Do we turn our backs? And whom would we be speaking to by doing so — Ahmadinejad or supporters of Mousavi?

I suppose that’s kinda what they’re fighting about in the streets of Tehran …

UPDATE (from Cali Jen): They’ll be playing the Iranian national anthem tomorrow at 2:20 (or 2:50 – whatever they decide)

3 Comments to “Iranian Wins Bracelet”

  1. SangyFarha

    Hopefully people will stand, and be wearing plenty of green.

  2. Johnny Hughes

    I think Harrah’s should get all the publicity they can on this. I’d love to see this on the national news. It shows Iranians are treated fine in the USA. It shows the international nature of poker. Poker is a model for diversity, and good feelings among nations. I’d spread the word that poker wants to look good on television, showing respect for the song and the people of Iran, not the sawed-off, sunburned, son-of-a-beach leader with the incredibly tiny, watermelon-seed eyes.

    I was sitting on the first row, of a small gallery, when an Iranian, Mansour Manloubi sp? won, maybe 1990. I went out for Texas Monthly, back when you could bet even money a Texan would win it. The only Texan at the final table was the permanently angry Johnny Bonnetti. I found myself pulling for the guy who was charming, talking, playing aggressively, and happened to be an Iranian. I hope poker shows some class, and gets some attention for it.

  3. DanM

    You (and Sang) are right. And indeed, I hope some non-poker media picks up on this …

    In fact, I’m going to wear green tomorrow (today) to show my support for the people of Iran. It’s probably too late to rally a whole army of greenbackers, but still, will make feel good.