Pros on Tilt

by , Jun 23, 2009 | 12:40 pm

Not everyone is winning this year … and we’re getting near that point where you either gotta make something happen to turn it around or be left, perhaps literally, in the main event going for broke.

Mike Matusow getting ready to lose it (via Annie Duke):

And of course we know how our buddy Tom is doing (0-for-14) … so he decided to booze it up for the $2,500 Razz. “It can’t really make me do worse,” he said, before giving most of his stack to Eskimo Clark en route to going bust:

One Comment to “Pros on Tilt”

  1. robbvegas

    I’m reading the Matusow book right now. It’ a good read and gives a lot of insight on why he’s the way he is. I’ve got a lot more respect for the man having realized what he’s been through.