Tao of Pokerati: Lisandro Wins Bracelet #3! (feat. BJ)

by , Jun 24, 2009 | 8:33 pm

Did we say it? We did … watch out for Jeff Lisandro to make a mad dash for that previously elusive Player of the Year title.

The back-to-must-read Dr. Pauly and special Tao of Pokerati guest BJ were there when it happened — seeing Lisandro beat author/writer/real-player Michael Craig heads-up in $2,500 Razz. And in analyzing his relatively quick victory, they declare him arguably one of the best international players in the game, and the best 7-stud player in the world. BJ also breaks down the WSOP Player of the Year race, which is not mathematically locked up so long as Phil Ivey is still alive in any event (like he is right now), and Ville Wahlbeck also has a chance but not really, they say. No word yet on which anthem the Aussie-Italian-semi-American will dedicate this gold bracelet to.

UPDATE: Australia.

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5 Comments to “Tao of Pokerati: Lisandro Wins Bracelet #3! (feat. BJ)”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    Lisandro’s first bracelet this year was won on June 8th. I was going to use the “what anthem is he going to use this time” line. Ivey won his 3 bracelets in 2003 B.M (Before Moneymaker).

  2. BJ Nemeth

    Ivey’s three-bracelet year was 2002.

    Dan, you called out Lisandro as the best bet to win WSOP Player of the Year on June 16th (eight days ago), when he was a full 100 points behind Ville Wahlbeck. Here’s what I said in response:

    “The best bet is a guy who needs to win a bracelet just to tie the current points leader? I’ll take that bet!”

    All I have to say is — I’m glad you didn’t take my bet! 🙂

  3. DanM

    Fair enough … but when I posted the list as I did on June 16, I didn’t realize the points I was looking at were old. Lisandro at the time was like in 5th or 6th place in the race, and I knew he was one of about four people who had a really good shot.

  4. Kevin Mathers

    Yep, Ivey was 2002, my eyes are failing me at middle age, argh.

  5. Aaron A.

    Ok, Ok, I’ll say it. It’s POSSIBLE any rule changes made the past year or two have helped the pro’s out! But I’ll never deny Lisandro is one of the best in the world.