Yeah, But Who Isn’t Hitting Royal Flushes These Days?

by , Jun 28, 2009 | 6:34 am

When Team Pokerati-er Whit Blanton rivered a royal flush at the Hard Rock at the beginning of the Series, I publicly congratulated him but inside poo-pooed his blurry handheld photography. But after flopping one of my own while playing 2/5 NLH at the Rio last night, I think I have a better understanding … as you kinda can’t help but be shaking a bit.

Click below for the uneventful details of how the hand played out:

Not to give away the ending, but the hand held up and I took down a $45 pot.

It was only my fourth hand of the session –the first one I played — so I had no image beyond being a guy who folds my big blind to limp-limp-raise-call, folds my small blind in a similar situation, and folds my button to a raise and a re-raise …

Dealt AcKc, One limper under the gun … I raise in late position to $15 … limper calls. Flop, as you can see, is Jc-Qc-10c … I try to sit still but look like I’m not trying to sit still … my opponent bets out $30 (looking rather timid, frankly), so I pause for a few seconds, act like I’m thinking about raising (and actually do give a half-second of consideration to min-raising), but in the end place down a call with a slight “whatever” look on my face.

Turn is 8s. Check-check. River is I have no clue … little red card, I think. Opponent (who is a Brooklyn plastic surgeon specializing in breast implants, I later learn) checks, I shake and move a bit, looking semi-frumpled and hesitant, trying to increase my blink-speed by about 30 percent … and put out $45 in two stacks of $20 and a single red on top. He thinks for a few seconds and folds.

I flip over my cards. The table says wow. The dealer ships me the pot and starts to re-shuffle … I hold him up so I can take a picture … he reluctantly complies … blurry image capture ensues.

Two hands later, another player at the table points out … “look at you, you’re still shaking!”

To which I respond: “I’ve never taken down a $45 pot before.”

3 Comments to “Yeah, But Who Isn’t Hitting Royal Flushes These Days?”

  1. Johnny Hughes

    I’d wager you were taking deeper breathes. Your shirt going back and forth gives you away. Folks can’t help that with the nuts. You played it perfect. Let him catch something or bluff.

  2. tbonezz111

    AcKc….. $5

    Seeing a Flop of 10c Qc Jc…….. $15

    Getting a C-bet……… $30

    Making the comment “I’ve never taken down a $45 pot before” …. PRICELESS !!!!!!!!!

    NH sir !!

  3. Jon Katkin

    Honestly, I think you misplayed this hand by hitting the royal on the flop. You never gave your opponent a chance to think he could catch up. You’re much better hitting the royal on the turn or, better yet, the river. Overall, epic fail on your part. I expect better.