Day 1A Field Size: 1,116

by , Jul 3, 2009 | 9:46 pm

Still liking our 3,000-12,000 number for the overall size of the 2009 main event.

Until I can get back to the Rio (tomorrow hopefully) — and since honestly, I hardly care about Day 1 chip counts ever — I’m following the action of course here, and mostly here, and then a little bit here. Not saying you shouldn’t also be looking elsewhere, but at the moment I have to really limit my computer screen time, so before I can catch up with everything more in depth online and in real life, I’m sticking with the clicks that I know will give me the most in a few seconds of skim. I’d include Wicked Chops, but I get their goods daily via email … and you know, trying to cut back on the screen-stare.

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