Dream Team Media Day

Real-money event tomorrow

by , Jul 11, 2009 | 9:47 am

Players can register for the event at the Dream Team Poker Registration booth in the Rio Convention Center Rotunda across from the jersey wall
Hours: 10am –9pm (Friday & Saturday) 9am – 12noon (Sunday)

A soon to be coveted Last Place media trophy, paying proper homage to The Hammer.

Pauly’s got a great write-up explaining YTF we all get so into this Dream Team Poker stuff … the accolades honestly aren’t just because we’re pimping partners. It’s more the other way around — we’re willing to do their bidding because they do such a fine job, which was evident in their dress-rehearsal for tomorrow’s event, which looks to be the biggest event ever (in terms of field size, at least) of its kind.

Mad from the Pokerstarsblog (aka the Pokerstarzistan state-run media), has taken part in some team poker events over in Europe but still saw this one as a bit of a gimmick — everyone’s skeptical at first — and yet by the time she was eliminated and her hopes left hanging on teammate Dennis Phillips, she described it as “the most fun I’ve ever had in the Rio — on this side of it at least.”

In footage that we like to think of as rawer than RawVegas, I took a bunch of pictures really really fast to give you a glimpse. Seriously, may well have been the first WSOP media event ever — at least in the 21st century — that had a sizable rail. And while the turbo format knocked people out quickly, it should come as little surprise that a bunch of media on their “day off” stuck around to behave like Japanese tourists:

I’m not particularly proud of how I went out … but it was only like 2 pm (Level 4 actually) and I had downed a whole beer. Having built a stack by raising with crap cards, hitting, and then talking my Finnish opponent into a call, I lost it by getting it in good with the hammer and getting sucked out on the turn … I might have chased some other stuff, too … but upon getting short, with one limper, I shoved in late position with 4-8s, thinking:

1. Maybe all will fold. Alas, MeanGene called in the big-blind with J-7 offsuit (or as I like to call it, double-flush-draw).

2. If I get called, I’d have two live cards that could crack some shit. But nope, didn’t get there.

3. If I busted, I could finally eat some pizza, because I was hungry! Alas, they were between deliveries, and I’d have to wait a whole nother three levels (about 40 minutes). while leaving the fate of the Pokerati Hotties in the hands of Robert Goldfarb, who may or may not have been on heavy tilt after losing most of his well-earned stack with pocket aces vs. pocket sixes:

Click below for a list of pros playing in the WSOP Dream Team event, and to see a picture of (right to left) Pauly, Palansky, and the Latin American Sang:

Daniel Negreanu (Team PokerVT)
David Williams, Evelyn Ng, Justin Bonomo (Team Bodog)
Barry Greenstein, Joe Sebok (Team PokerRoad.com)
Gavin Smith (Team Zurvive)
Pam Brunson (Tush Pushers)
Liz Lieu (ChiliPoker)
Jerry Yang, Christina Lindley, Eric Aude (Team Six Hands, Four Nutz, and a Rack OnTilt)
Marsha Waggoner, James Worth, Young Phan (Team True Poker)
Barbara Enright, Paul Darden and David Levi (Team Bookmaker Poker)
Jamie Gold, David Chicotsky, Lauren Kling (Team TheMaven VT 1)
Kenna James (Poker Host)
Susie Isaacs (Team Simpletrak)
Bryan Micon, Dustin Woolf (Team Neverwinpoker.com)
Tom McEvoy (Magic Dragons)
Captain Tom Franklin, TJ Cloutier (Captain Krunch)
Lacey Jones, Christina Hall (Kegslist.info)
Maureen Feduniak (Jersey Girls)
Thor Hansen, Yosh Naknano (Team IPPA Tour)

Bonus pic: Mean Gene and AlCantHang are follicular opposites:

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  1. Robert Goldfarb

    It was AA vs 78o but really I’m over it.