Dream Team Over/Under Numbers

by , Jul 8, 2009 | 9:00 pm

They were at 152 teams as of about five hours ago registered for the July 12-13 Dream Team Poker event. This makes it already the largest Dream Team event ever, already …granted it will be only their third, but still …

I think for the Caesar’s tourney a few months ago, they had about 95 pre-regs, and ended up with something like 144 teams total. By that math, it looks like it should be a pretty close call on the over/under of 300 … but I still like the over.

Working toward that side is that it’s such a fun, relatively inexpensive event that only takes one person to really want to play in it for them to get three players. Working against: a lot of folks want to get the hell out of Vegas (and specifically the Rio) as soon as they (or their home game loved ones) bust from the main event.

2 Comments to “Dream Team Over/Under Numbers”

  1. Poker Shrink

    And now Harrah’s has let them have the media event, which is not only for charity and has a donkument blind structure, but we have discovered that the vaunted free shirts (with your team logo) were printed on the excess stock from the paid event, which means you got whatever size they had left over. Which is how media gets treated at the WSOP at times, as leftovers.

  2. DanM

    so not true, shrink, regarding the shirts. or at least not exactly true in context.

    DTP happened to buy tons of jerseys for all their events in bulk … so they are coming from the same stocks as were used for the big Dream Team event as well as the Caesar’s event, and probably whatever their next event is.

    The Pokerati Hotties — our media event team — also got a shirt for Robert Goldfarb — I’m looking at it right here — and let’s just say Robert does not fit into a simple XL. definitely wasn’t a matter of throwing him a leftover.

    we all got notice several weeks ago that there was a deadline for getting shirts. so any late entries, if they get the leftovers … well, we can’t really complain, right?