California Intrastate Online Poker Bill Going Nowhere

by , Aug 24, 2009 | 6:44 am

Just to be clear … even with tribal casinos ready to get in on the action, California’s efforts to create it’s own little bubble of online poker freedom — the anti-Kentucky if you will — are done … at least for now.

According to Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (who has the power to decide which bills get considered) last week:

With the state hurting for cash — and Democrats desperate for revenues to soften cuts to social service programs and schools — Steinberg said he essentially has one thing to say to proponents of online poker: Show me the money.

“I think it is a legitimate idea for consideration,” Steinberg said today in a press conference. “I only have one question when I hear a proposal like that: how much money for the state General Fund? It’s all I want to know. You know, is it two, three hundred million dollars? If it is, I’d consider it. But I think it’s going to take more than four weeks to analyze that kind of proposal and the potential economic benefits.”

Fair enough … maybe next time (two years from now) … maybe not.

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