Pitbull Poker in the Doghouse with Players

by , Aug 3, 2009 | 11:30 am

There seems to be a cheating scandal brewing at Pitbull Poker, or at least a group of well-documented incidents that don’t sit well with players, according to an ever-growing thread on 2+2. While they can’t seem to pinpoint what is wrong – not quite a superuser situation – many players are citing the fact that hand histories aren’t easy to examine, they sometimes disappear from the site, and hole cards that sometimes appear randomly.

It’s a bit confusing, but Poker News Daily seems to have broken down the allegations of superuser accounts, stack shaving, odd hand history formats, and software glitches. The latest, as of a few days ago and just before the topic was closed by 2+2, original poster chesterboy wrote the following:

I believe all relevant people and companies have have been identified.

If there was wrongdoing, I believe I should be hearing back from some people that can verify the stories, especially if the sweatshop story has any truth to it.

If there was no wrongdoing, I am now back in productive dialogue with [Network Manager Dave Brenes], and we should be able to verify these things in a somewhat timely manner.

I am sorry things had to get this unpleasant to get an appropriate reaction from pitbull. So far the only verified shortcomings of pitbull are poor communication and slow response times. Kevin, while having a questionable history has not yet been shown to have done anything wrong here. I too do not have a perfect past though it may not show up on the internet so easily. We can’t condemn someone in this case for past wrongdoings.

They have been misleading regarding licenses but this is standard for the industry and not something I intend to pursue if there is no evidence of cheating on the site. I play in a state where poker is banned so it benefits me that some companies are willing to bend the law. Being that they are in Costa Rica it is possible they have not broken any laws.

Anyone have any history with Pitbull? Does anyone even play at Pitbull?

5 Comments to “Pitbull Poker in the Doghouse with Players”

  1. Robert "Sanbob" Sanchez

    I normally wouldn’t play at a site like Pitbull poker but did because a friend of mine wanted me to. My friend was sponsored by pic-club and had to play on several different sites….Pitbull being one of these sites. I will not mention this persons name because they have no involvement with Pitbull. I deposited a few hundred dollars and proceeded to play heads up with my friend. In all after a few different times of playing I won a couple thousand from him. He still wanted to play but said he should start playing on a different site since he was obligated to do so. I said that was fine and that I would withdraw my money from Pitbull and deposit it in the other poker site. After around two weeks went by I noticed no money in my bank account……I contacted Pitbull and was told that my account was under review and that was all they could tell me. After that I heard nothing from them and they ignored all my emails and any inquiry I made. I am not surprised to hear this about them. I won the money fair and square and should of received my funds…..What gets me is they also kept my original deposit. They deserve whatever is coming to them!!!

  2. DanM

    Ooh, I think we might have another finalist for The Pokerati Bad List.

  3. Vinita

    Then what will happen to our money in pitbull poker cashier?Will they pay our money?

  4. Glen Gouthro

    I have 8k sitting on Pitbull right now and I don’t intend on laying down and letting them take advantage of the players. If there’s any Pitbull players reading this please email me at ggouthro@hotmail.com and let’s see if we can get enough players to seek legal action so that it benefits us financially OR at least have discussions to keep all players informed of what’s going on with this.

  5. DanM

    Indeed, keep us posted, Glen, on how this plays out. Best of luck. Bust some heads.